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Tai Chi

Tai Chi

This class is offered on Wednesday at 6:15 PM
and Saturday mornings at 8:15 AM
and is free to members.
Non-Members may pay a $15.00 guest fee to attend. 

Gary Brandt: Instructor

Gary has studied Tai Chi for 10 years and has been teaching for five.  The Tai Chi form being taught is of the Yang style and is a short form.  The short form is taught by Gary has been choreographed by Mr. Peter Ralston who is the only non-Asian martial artist to have won the World Martial Arts Competition.  Gary is continuing his studies of the art of Cheng Hsin with Pete Ralston of Pipe Creek, Texas.

Tai Chi, pronounced “tie chee”, is a gentle exercise program that is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Derived from the martial arts, tai chi is composed of slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and deep breathing, which enhance physical health and emotional well-being.  The Tai Chi form is being taught for health purposes, not marital.

This class is designed to teach you a short Tai Chi form and with it guide you to re-experience your body as an object in space connected to the ground.  This will all be done through gentle, repetitive movements while working with a slow relaxed breath.  Gary will lead you through the five basic principles or states of being that will help you connect your mind, your body, and the experience of being.  This work is not limited by age or ability and can be applied to everything you do.  Keep in mind always that you can only do what you can do today with your body and that everyone has different abilities and limitations.

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