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Yoga At Home



Yoga At Home - Another One!



Barre Fusion

Stretching with Marsha Hohe
Total Body 12 for 12 with Kate

Work out legs, core, and arms with body weight and household accessories! Twelve exercises for twelve repetitions, 2-4 sets.
Cardio Dance Tone - Sheri O'Donnell


Barre Fusion at Home - Lenghten & Tighten


Strength Class with Marsha!

Enjoy this equipment-free workout!


Pilates Class with Marsha

Marsha leads you through a mat pilates class. A great workout for both beginners and pilates pros!


Cheryl's Stretch Class

Grab a chair and enjoy this class with Cheryl.


Quick Couch Workout with Kate

All you need for this quick full body workout is a couch and a mat!


Barre Fusion: Strengthen & Tone

Grab a chair and some light weights 1-5lbs.  We will tone, strengthen, and stretch your whole body!


Yoga at Home: Dance with your Breath!

Grab 2 blocks or a few books to assist your alignment as you move to the rhythm of your own breath. A blanket for your knees, a mat if you have one, and pajamas optional. Let your breath and body guide you through these always optional poses.


Barre Fusion: Rock the Lunge!

A chair and a couple light weights are all you need to tone your whole body. Focus is on the legs, so watch your alignment! Have fun!


Weights Class with Marsha

Grab some weights and enjoy this workout with Marsha!


Yoga at Home: Lunar Salutations (backbends :-)

Grab some blocks and enjoy this workout with Julie!


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