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Kate Gattuso
Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer

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Personal Training Rates 
Packages consist of 1/2 or 1 hour
Personal Trainer Packages:

1 Session $40.00 $60.00
3 Sessions $105.00 $165.00
5 Sessions $165.00  
10 Sessions $325.00 $525.00
15 Sessions $450.00 $700.00

  Effective 1/1/20

Raphael Jones Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Please contact the front desk 
to schedule your personal trainer appointment

The Personal Training Program provides physical conditioning if you need or desire a properly-balanced exercise program with the help of a personal trainer. Here are some commonly asked questions about personal trainers:

What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer tailors your workout to meet your specific needs and desires. Trainers use their knowledge of exercise science, your current fitness level and goals, training principles, and personal experience to design an exercise program that is safe, efficient and effective.

What are the Personal Trainer's Qualifications?

Personal trainers at Belleville Health and Sports Center are nationally-certified, have practical experience and receive continuing education on a regular basis.

What can a Personal Trainer Do For Me?

A personal trainer will help you develop a balanced exercise program that fits your specific needs, goals, lifestyle and limitations. In designing the program, the personal trainer will consider the basic components of fitness:

- Muscular Strength and Endurance

- Cardiovascular Endurance

- Flexibility

- Body Composition

The personal trainer will assist you with weight control, better posture, greater endurance for daily and athletic activities and help reduce the risk of injuries. 

Why Would I Want a Personal Trainer?

You may want a personal trainer if you:

- see little progress in your current exercise program

- would like help getting started on,
or are unable to stick with, an exercise program

-have limitations or special concerns about what you feel you can do safely

- play a sport and want to improve your game

- are interested in body building/sculpting

What is Included in My First Visit?

A health history and fitness evaluation will be given before a personal trainer can begin designing the exercise program. (In some cases, medical clearance may be required.) Your needs, goals, lifestyle and time limitations will be discussed, followed by a fitness evaluation, consisting of:

- three-minute step test

- flexibility test

- body composition

- body measurements

The first visit will maximize your benefits and minimize the risk of injury.

When Can I Train?

You and your personal trainer will schedule sessions during regular club hours. Training sessions are usually one hour in length at a rate of $50 per hour (packages available). Payment is due before each training session.


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