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BarreFusion:   The class is a full body workout that concentrates on strengthening, lengthening and stretching the entire body.Each class combines ballet inspired moves with elements of pilates and yoga.

•Circuit Training:  Rotate through various exercises in multiple stations that targets muscular and cardiovascular endurance and strength. Total body workout!

•Fitness Fun:   Cardiovascular workout with the focus on play and fun. A variety of equipment will be used. Great for all levels of fitness.

•Glutes & Abs:   Focusing purely on strengthening glutesand core muscles in this hour long class

•Heavy Hitters:   Increase cardiovascular strength and striking power while improving coordination skills using the bags, weights, barbells and more
   – Shred: Cardio drills using the step, treadmills and bags

•HIIT:   High Intensity Interval Training improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

•Indoor Cycling: Group cycling class using Keiser bikes. Increase aerobic endurance and capacity while climbing hills, sprinting and doing intervals. This cardio workout is for everyone!

•Cycle Circuit:   Cycle on the bike and weights off the bike for a complete workout.

•Power Cut:   Build strength and lean body mass in this weight training class.

•Power Mix:  Strength train using a variety of equipment and formats. TRX, Coreboard, Tabata, Mat Pilates and more! Improve your overall fitness.

•Step/Step Fusion:   Combination of step, strength and abs.

•Stretch:   Increase flexibility and balance in this gentle and controlled class

•Tai-Chi:  This graceful form of exercise involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing

•TRX:   Using the TRX straps, build strength, flexibility and balance in this total body class
  – Iron Circuit:  Total body conditioning using both the TRX and Kettlebells

•Yoga: Practice a group of physical, mental, health and wellness disciplines
   – Classic: Increase flexibility and balance through this gentle practice
   – Flow & Go: Vinyasa style where movement is synchronized with the breath. Smooth transitions with constant movement. (Classes on Court 10)

•Zumba - Fuse hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves.
   – Gold: Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity

•Rock Steady:  Boxing class for those with Parkinson's Disease. Boxing, Strength, circuits and more!

•Sampler:  Barre Fusion, Fascia Rolling, Fitness Fun, Strength - Try it all out!

CrossCut: High Intensity functional movement and various elements from athletics & exercise combined in a group training setting.  For healthy, well-conditioned athletes and exercisers only. 

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