April 2019

Club Update

1001 S. 74th St., Belleville, IL 62223



Reservations are important!!
You may reserve Court #10 for Pickleball and Court #6 for Racquetball. Court #8 may be used for either sport. If the net is left up in court #8 and you reserved the court to play racquetball, please see the front desk to remove the net. Thank You.  Enjoy!
          racquet and pickle ball




time for me

The $10.00 off massage special usually held in April will be offered in May.




Many personal items are being left in the locker rooms. Every effort is made to return them to their rightful owner.
Please check showers, floors, lockers, etc for your belongings before leaving.



sports center doorThe front and back doors are locked in the morning and evening for our members safety.  Press the doorbell ONCEand please DO NOT hold the button down. Moving away from the screen, prevents the front desk from seeing the member. When we acknowledge you, please say your full name clearly so we can get you entered into the system. We will then release the door for you to come in.  Thank you.



As we age our bodies change. We can reduce the changes by being active and eating a healthy diet. Here are some suggestions for your anti-aging tool box:

Get enough protein- protein needs increase with age, it builds muscle. By the age of 70 you will lose half your muscle mass. A simple formula for you to use to meet your protein needs is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half and try to eat that many grams of protein per day. Protein is highest in dairy, meat, poultry, fish, dried beans, peas, legumes and nuts.

Do resistance training twice a week- this will help maintain and build muscle. Within an hour after your workout eat or drink something that contains protein to feed those worked muscles.

Do at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week- walk, run, bike ride, participate in aerobic classes. Other activities like house cleaning, gardening, yard work or washing the car can be included as part of your activity. Spend more time moving, less time sitting. Be active!

Include some functional fitness exercises in your routine- these are exercises that use various muscles at the same time and train your muscles to work together to prepare them for daily tasks for better stability and balance. I.e. tying your shoes, picking something up from the floor, getting out of your car.

Eat a variety of foods from all the food groups- fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dried beans, peas, legumes, dairy, lean meats and poultry, fish, including fatty fish (salmon, tuna, fresh water trout), healthy fats coming from vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and avocados.

* Get enough fiber- it helps manage age related changes in digestion. High fiber foods are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dried beans, peas, legume, nuts and seeds.

* Protect your bones- calcium and vitamin D are needed for healthy bones. Dairy is a good source of calcium. Milk is fortified with vitamin D. If you do not consume enough dairy take calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Please eat and exercise responsibly
Bernie Cook, RDN, LDN        April 2019  





The staff of BHSC would like to extend a sincere thank you to the family of Donald Lange, a past member. The Lange family recently donated a monetary gift to the

Rock Steady Program.






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Tell your family and friends, we have dropped the joining fee.