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9 Rounds of an incredible workout in 30 minutes!        
Check out Knock Out 30 on the fitness class schedule—Boxing, HIIT, Boot Camp, Power & Cardio.
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With the winter upon us, when we need to cancel classes or close the Sports Center early, due to the weather, it will be posted on FACEBOOK Go to Memorial’s Belleville Health and Sports Center to get the most up to date information “like” us on Facebook.



Everybody has a metabolism that burns calories at rest to maintain all bodily functions. This can vary depending on age, sex, body size/composition and other factors such as disease and stress.
Be active throughout the day!  When your body is in motion through exercise and daily activities more calories are burned.
Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn fat and calories. The more intense you exercise the more calories you burn during exercise AND recovery. The real fat burning takes place after exercise through the day during low intensity daily activities NOT during the exercise itself. Your body will rely on fat stores to fuel the rest of your day.

A body with more muscle tissue and less fat tissue will burn more calories. At rest, muscle burns 3 times as many calories as body fat! That is why strength training is important.  It’s important to understand when on a weight loss diet, muscle will be lost so strength training exercises are important to do at least twice a week.

To maintain and increase muscle adequate calories from foods containing carbohydrates and protein must be consumed. Avoid “crash” dieting. Keep calories at a level where weight loss is no more than 1-2 pounds per week.

Here are some tips to burn more calories, lose weight effectively and maintain it:

> Do aerobic exercise at moderate intensity (180 minutes) or high intensity (90 minutes) per week

> Strength train 2-3 times per week

> Reduce calories to no less than       1200-1500 calories to limit muscle loss

> Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, eggs, poultry, fish, lean meats, dried peas, lentils and nuts

> Eat quality protein and carbohydrates within 45-60 minutes after exercise

Please eat and exercise responsibly
Bernie Cook, RDN, LDN       
April 2018  


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Reservations are important!!

You may reserve Court #10 for Pickleball and Court #6 for Racquetball. Court #8 may be used for either sport but your reservations are important.  If the net is left up in court #8 and you reserved the court to play racquetball, please see the front desk to remove the net.  Enjoy!



The front and back doors are locked in the morning and evening for our members safety.

Press the button ONCEDO NOT hold the button down. The door will be released momentarily.