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December 2018
Member's of the Month

Mike Deihl

Mike Deihl is our spotlight member for December.

Mike has been a member for at least 6 years now.  His wife Nicole and Father-in-law, Lou are also members and they encouraged him to join.  He is in a consistent three day a week routine.  His workout begins with a mile run on the treadmill and then he hits the weight room.

Mike has two children, Abby and Owen.  He also coaches youth soccer on the side.  Mike enjoys building and remodeling projects and also loves to be outdoors.

Your dedication to good health is inspiring and we are grateful that you are a member of the Sports Center.

Keep up the great routine!




November 2018
Member's of the Month


John Carpenter has been a member at BHSC since 1975.  In September of 1968, after college, he was drafted into the Army. Training in communications in the Army Signal Corp. John was sent to South Korea working at a small army airport scheduling flight assignments throughout the Far East.
John is the former owner of Main Street Market (1972-2014). He is married to his wife, Cathy, for 44 blissful years and has two children Mike and Kim.  He is the proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren, 2 in St. Louis and the other 3 live in St. Augustine, Florida.

His lifelong interest in staying active through his early years consists of jogging, golf, and racquetball.  Being an avid player, John has played racquetball since the club opened. After retirement he has chosen to become more active at the gym.  John is one of our 5 AM members, with more time to exercise, he attends TRX, Bootcamp, weight and cycling classes to name a few.  John has tried many of the classes we have to offer to mix up his routine.

Being in retirement, he loves to play chess.  He has found volunteer work in the community as a chess coach for St. Louis Chess and Scholastic Center.
John is also a twin. She looks nothing like him!!!!

belleville health and sports center



Rob Shaw is also a veteran. He served 4 ½ years from 1959 to 1963 in the Marines.  He was a logistician stationed in Okinawa during the Vietnam War.  His job was to program the loading of ships. As they called it, beans, blankets and bullets.  As they call it, beans meant food, blankets meant anything the guys needed like clothes, vehicles, equipment etc. and of course, bullets were ammunition.  This was quite an experience for a young man aged 17 to take a boat all the way to Okinawa and live there. Rob recalls the best part being the camaraderie.  He still keeps in touch with friends he made there.

Rob started rehab in the pulmonary department at the hospital. Then he moved to BHSC to be a part of the Lively Lungs program due to his COPD.  He has been a member for 4 years. His regular routine contains the treadmill, NUstep and weight machines.

“Being a member here has been very beneficial to me. The physical aspect as well as access to other members who are experiencing the same condition that I am really helps, says, Rob.

belleville health and sports center

Thank You to John and Rob and All Veterans for your Service...



October 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Our October Members of the Month

Salutes all who have conquered or are currently battling Breast Cancer. 


September 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Cheryl Totsch

Please get to know our BHSC employee, Cheryl Totsch.

Cheryl has been working at the Sports Center for 23 years and has taught fitness classes for 40 years!  She has been married to her husband Dave for 34 years and has 2 children, 2 bonus children and 2 grandchildren.  Her whole family works out at the Sports Center including her parents, Richard and Dorothy Feazel.

Cheryl is our 62 plus coordinator, teaches the 62 Plus classes, stretch, pilates and the Silver Sneakers chair classes.

She also coordinates day trips and monthly luncheons for this very active group.
Cheryl’s hobbies include scrapbooking, hiking, camping and hanging out with her family.  When she isn’t teaching classes, she likes to walk and lift weights.

Her favorite quote is: “Attitude is everything!”  This definitely shows in how Cheryl lives her life.  She also says, “I love working with the seniors.  They teach me so many things and make me laugh a lot.”

Thank you Cheryl for all you do at the Sports Center.

August 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Jesse Hocking

Jesse Hocking is BHSC’s Member of the Month for August. Jesse found our gym 5 years ago when he moved to Belleville from St. Louis.  What got Jesse to start working out?  As a junior in high school he was being bullied.  He started lifting weights to look more intimidating and to build his confidence.  Fourteen years later he is still exercising.

Most of Jesse’s work out takes place in the free weight room.  Although he does a few weight machines in the Nautilus room.  He really tries to use proper form to get the best results and to avoid injury.

Presently, Jesse is a nurse for BJC.  In the past, he was involved in martial arts and hopes to pick that up again with his boys.  Jesse & his wife recently had their second son. 

Congratulations on the additional two feet to your family.  We are grateful you chose our gym. 

Keep up the good work!!

July 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Brenda Nave

July member of the month is Brenda Nave.  She has been a member of Belleville Health & Sports Center for fifteen years.   The reason for becoming a member was that her doctor advised her to exercise to lower her cholesterol.

Brenda comes in 2–3 times each week.  She enjoys participating in classes.  Some of the classes she does are 62+, Hi-Lo Aerobics, Pilates, Power Cut, Boxing and Step Fusion.  She also walks on the treadmill and doesa few weight machines.

“I really enjoy the staff here.  They are so personable and make the gym a family like atmosphere,” says Brenda.  “This is a big part of why I’ve been a member for so long.”

When Brenda is not at the club, she is volunteering out in the community for her church.  We are so glad you’ve chosen to be a member for so long and hope to continue seeing you here for many years to come.  Keep up the healthy work out.

You are a great example of how to live a healthy life style.

June 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Sharon & Fred Harms

For the month of June, we have Sharon & Fred Harms as our members.

Fred joined BHSC back in 2002 when he had heart surgery.  He went through rehab at Memorial Hospital then continued here afterwards. Fred uses the elliptical, walks, & trains on the weight machines.

Sharon joined the gym in 2013 when she retired .Sharon prefers classes, including yoga and power cut classes. 

Together, Fred & Sharon participate in pilates and stretch classes.

When the two aren’t exercising here, they tend to their garden, mow the lawn, and do yoga at home.  If that’s not enough, they also chase after grandchildren.

We are very pleased to have the two of you as regular members.
You are great examples of living a healthy
Keep up the good work!

 May 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Jennifer Dunlap and Paddy McPeak

May’s members of the month are a young couple who are dedicated to fitness,
Jennifer Dunlap and Paddy McPeak.

Paddy started working out in high school.  His father, Steve McPeak, who is a member, brought him to BHSC.

Paddy’s prior exercise helped when he joined the military. He continues to use the same routine he learned there, but has also added to it.  His routine consists of 5-10 minutes of pre-stretching. One day he will lift weights for his back and legs. The next day he’ll work arms and abs.

He also rides the bike.  This routine takes about an hour and 15 minutes.  Lastly, he spends about 20 minutes in the steam room.  “My job is very physical, says Paddy.  I need to work out to do my job without getting injured.  Yet, my job is a hard workout.”  Paddy is the reason Jen joined the gym.  She was working out at her college gym, but the hours were limited.  At BHSC she could hang out with Paddy.  Not to mention the sauna, which she loves.  Jen comes Monday through Friday at 5:00 am.  “I do my work out before I go to work as a teacher and coach, says Jen.”  Sometimes she and a friend will do a video together.  Jen does the stair stepper and the bike.  She also uses the leg press machine.  Jen also enjoys running.

Jen and Paddy are getting married this June in Ballintoy Harbour, Ireland.  The ceremony will be outside on a rock next to the ocean with 35 guests.  The reception will be at a local pub with Irish music playing.  The week prior will be spent exploring the country with their guests.  The week after will be just the two of them exploring on their honeymoon.

We are happy to have you both as members.

Your dedication to a healthy lifestyle is inspiring. 

Wishing you the best on your next journey as a married couple!

 April 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Kayla Moody

Kayla Moody is our member of the month for April. 

Her weight fluctuated her entire life and she wanted to get it under control. While in college she started to train.  Kayla knew after graduation she should continue to exercise. Which is exactly why she landed here at the gym.

Kayla has made some diet changes. All she drinks is water and tea.  She limits her intake of meat.  Kayla does not eat any fried foods or fast food.

Kayla’s workout consists of a few weight machines, but mostly free weights.  On arm day, she will also spend 20 min. each on the elliptical, stair master, and jumping rope.  She will do hill sprints over at National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.  For fun Kayla says, “I like to bike at Creve Coeur Park, paint and make pottery."

”You are a great example of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We hope you will continue to be a member
at BHSC for avery long time.

 March 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Gloria and Axel Anderson

March holds two people as our members of the month.  They are Gloria and Axel Anderson. They joined 21 years ago when they retired, because they wanted to stay fit.  They have consistently worked out three days each week for all of these years.  The only time they would miss is if they are out of town, have an appointment, or are sick.  They use the weight machines and walk.  Recently, Axel has been working with personal trainer, Denise, on balance.

Gloria & Axel have been avid hikers.  They used to hike 6-10 miles regularly.  They have hiked some interesting places like, Mount Rainer, Mount Zion, Rice Canyon, Tetons, & Washington Olympic Mtn. Now they make shorter 1-2 mile hikes due to Axel’s knees.

On days when they don’t come to the gym, Gloria will walk on her treadmill and Axel will ride his recumbent bike at home.  When the weather is bad, they walk together at the mall, but they prefer walking outside in nice weather.

They enjoy the luncheons, parties & bus trips with the other members of BHSC. 

We enjoy having both of you as members!

 Hope you continue being members for a very long time.

 February 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Vicky Douglas

Vicky Douglas is February’s member of the month.  She has been a member for 15   years.  She joined BHSC because she has always struggled with her weight.  On top of that diabetes and high cholesterol run in her family’s genes.

So, Vicky comes in 4-5 days a week.  She chooses to only do fitness classes.  She says, “I need the structure of the class format.  Otherwise, I would come up with every excuse not to exercise.  I also enjoy the social aspect of the classes. The friends I’ve made make it more fun to work out.”  In fact, Vicky has a group that get together every Sunday morning at 10:00 am to do their own cycling class.

Vicky has found a way to keep regular exercise as part of her life.  It is in a way that she enjoys and that enables her to be consistent.

Way to go Vicky!
So glad to have you as a long time member. 
Keep up the good work!

 January 2018
Member of the Month

member of the month

Lloyd Cueto

Most of Lloyd’s life has been inconsistent in working out. He would often get in a routine for a few weeks and then fall off for months at a time.  For someone whose diet consists primarily of beer & pizza, long stretches of inactivity can be dangerous.

Five years ago when he was engaged to his wife, Alana, who is also a member, Lloyd found motivation to work out for the first time in his life. Knowing how beautiful she would look on the wedding day, he wanted to try and keep up with her. “Frankly, I have been trying to keep up with her ever since,” says Lloyd.

I feel that a regular gym routine is a big part of my physical and mental health.  I really like the health club. The staff couldn’t be friendlier. Also, there is a real sense of camaraderie and positivity among the members.

Typically I spend my time in the weight room with different days of the week allocated to different muscle groups. These days I favor consistency over pushing myself to lift heavier weights. Usually I will make up different workout programs every 4-5 weeks just so the routine doesn’t become stale. I’ll mix and match exercises or routines from magazines or articles I’ve read online.

I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made over the past few years, but there’s always room for improvement. I still need to pull back on the beer and pizza, and hope to incorporate more cardio into my routine. With the recent arrival of my son, my cardiovascular health is more important to me than ever. There’s no better time than the New Year to push myself into positive lifestyle changes and I look forward to the challenge.

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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