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December 2017
Member of the Month


LAUREN’S exercise journey started at the age 12.  Her father, Jesse, is a fireman and an employee at BHSC. He has been the main influence on her healthy habits. Lauren played sports throughout school. This is why she has been working out. Lauren is now 18 and is attending college.  She has continued her healthy lifestyle while away at school.  “I like the way I feel from working out. I feel strong and healthy, says Lauren.”

Lauren’s routine consists of three days a week free weights and twice a week she uses cardio machines. When she was home, she attended Denise’s Glutes and Abs class, when it fit into her schedule.  Since she’s been at college, she has enjoyed rock climbing and Zumba.

Look for Lauren during her school breaks and over the summer.  We are glad to know you have continued your healthy lifestyle!


November 2017
Member of the Month

To those who served or are serving







October 2017
Member of the Month

Linda Baer

Linda’s reason for joining is very different from why other join the club. She and her husband owned their own business and worked together for over 20 years. After closing their business, her husband took a job out of town during the week.
Linda was used to have a purpose for getting up each morning and going to work with her husband. When this was gone, she became out of sorts and depressed.

One day while driving by the Belleville Health & Sports Center, she stopped in on a whim and decided to join. 

Linda started working out the very next day and found that she loved to exercise and it brought her out of her depression. This past winter, she had some health issues and received some bad news. Exercise helped her through this difficult time and continues to help her.

Linda’s mother and sister have had open heart surgery and Linda is staying on top of her health by keeping her weight down through exercise and eating healthy.

This is another good example of why exercise is very important to our health and well-being.

Thank you Linda for sharing your story.

We look forward to seeing you exercising at the Sports Center for many years to come!


September 2017
Member's of the Month

Thank You
Towel Return

Our Member Spot Light of the Month salutes all the men who bring their towels to the front desk along with other towels that were left on the floor in the men’s locker room.

Over the past few months, we have noticed Colonel Pratt, John Carpenter, Victor Horsley, Jerry Wylie, Kiwan Guyton, Steve Anderson, Pat Delaney, Bob Seibert, Mike Pearson, Dale Streif and Gary Luechtefeld all bringing their own towels to the front desk along with other members towels that were left on the men’s locker room floor.

We salute these men and apologize if we missed any of you who are also keeping the men’s locker room picked up. 

(Please join these men and bring your towels to the front desk after use.)

August 2017
Member of the Month

Jerry Wylie

A word that best describes much of Jerry’s life is “consistency”.  He has been a fiddle player for 60 years, played soccer for 49 years; member of Masterworks Chorale for 39 years and a member of BHSC for 28 years.  Jerry says, “these are only my “therapies”…the activities I choose to do to keep me sane and healthy!”

In addition, Jerry is a minister (43 years) and has worked at Belleville Memorial Hospital for 31 years as a chaplain. He is married to Carolyn (43 years) and has a son.

Fortunately, all this consistency has paid off for him. At age 70, he is still able to enjoy his family, especially his 5 grandchildren. Jerry is still able to keep working as a chaplain and participate in his therapies: singing, fiddling and playing soccer.

Jerry’s routine at the gym has for several years been about maintenance. He is not trying to get stronger or lose weight, because he plays soccer 3 times a week. The only workout at the gym is resistance training, once or twice a week. It is hard staying motivated with this maintenance program because he has always competed with himself to improve. But Jerry hates to think about what his health would be like if he had not been coming to the gym all these years. That’s motivation enough. “I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received from the staff of BHSC throughout the years, says Jerry.”

Thank you Jerry for being living proof that consistency is a very important factor in being healthy.

We enjoy having you as a long time member!


July 2017
Member of the Month

mbr month

Karen Kreneer

Karen is BHSC’s spotlight for the month of July. She joined the gym in March 2014. Her goal was to get fit and lose weight.  Being consistent with her workouts, she included weight machines, SilverSneakers® Classes, and cardio. But the weight wasn’t coming off.

In September of 2015, Karen decided to get more serious. She increased her time and intensity on the elliptical, treadmill and the bike. Joining Weight Watchers, she ran into an old friend, Carlene Kapshandy, who is also a member.
The two have become support for each other at the gym and cheering Karen on her weight loss journey.

To date, Karen has lost 60 pounds. Her blood pressure medication has been significantly reduced. Karen says, “I’ve never felt better! I have an abundance of energy, thinking that it would have never be possible. Thank you BHSC!!!  You have the best and friendliest staff ever!!

Congratulations on your successful journey towards a healthier life style!
You Inspire Us!

June 2017
Member of the Month

mbr month

Corinne Kwapis

Corinne has been a member of BHSC for the last four years.

In high school, Corinne developed a program called “Empower Me”. The premise was to use exercise as a way to build relationships and confidence for older girls. Kind of a networking system to talk through issues like, is college for me, body image & such. Corinne worked with Stacie King, one of our instructors at BHSC on this program. Stacie led the fitness classes. Stacie also came in during lunch periods for talks. The program was very successful. It lasted from January-May with over 600 girls participating.

In 2015 Corinne trained here for a ½ marathon that she did in Washington, D.C. She received a lot of encouragement from our members & staff.

This is part of what she loves about BHSC. The fact that people here are not competitive with each other, instead, they encourage each other. She also likes that you can use the free weight room and not hear loud grunting. Another plus is that the trainers are available to ask questions of when they arise.

Corinne’s routine involves 10-15 minutes of cardio. She will either do sprints on the treadmill, jump rope, or go for a run. Then, she hits the free weight room. Corinne does quite a bit of upper body work. In fact, another goal she reached was the ability to do 12 pull-ups. She used to participate in bike, boxing, & power cut classes.

Since graduating college and getting a job, the class times don’t work for her.

She is a little sad, because in the fall she will be moving to Arkansas to attend Law School & will not be able to come workout here anymore.

Good luck
in your future endeavors
for being a great example of fitness.

May 2017
Member of the Month

mbr month

Ed Bour

Ed Bour is our spotlight member for May. Ed has exercised regularly for 12 years. Unfortunately, due to smoking 45 years, he developed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is a progressive disease effecting the lungs. With doctors’ orders, Ed began rehab at Memorial Hospital, then continued on his own at BHSC.

Ed was referred to Barnes Hospital after being diagnosed with stage four disease for a lung transplant. Other options were considered, but was not suited for his condition. This was his only choice.

Three days after referral, he was called in for an interview. Certain criteria has to be met to even be considered for this procedure. The hospital was skeptical due to his age.  After many tests and because of his exercising and rehab, he was added to the transplant list. Waiting for the right size lungs to fit his body and taking a series of hepatitis vaccines over a period of 6 month period, Ed got the call. He had an hour to get to the hospital in order to receive his double lung transplant.

Four and a half months ago, at the age of 74, Ed was the oldest person to receive a set of lungs.  After spending only 10 days in the hospital, he started rehab. It consisted of cardio, weights and balance exercises, one hour a day, five times a week, for twelve weeks.

Before, Ed was on oxygen, couldn’t walk from one room to the other without being completely out of breath. Now, he can walk up and down the stairs and even to the driving range WITHOUT oxygen.

Congratulations Ed!!!

You are proof that exercise is more than just looking good.
You’re a great inspirational story!!


April 2017
Member of the Month

Hannah Dunn

Hannah Dunn

March member of the month is Hannah Dunn. In the last two years she has lost 45 pounds. Her first change was to eliminate all alcohol. She also started drinking a lot more water. Her next step was to get a Fit Bit, which she became obsessed with.  She challenged herself daily to get in 10,000 steps. 

To obtain her goal, she started attending three fitness classes a week.  Three days a week she lifts weights.  She does a cardio workout for thirty minutes daily.

Hannah also joined a group called 12 in 12.  This group runs one 5k a month for a year.  All of this has gotten her weight down from 189 lbs to 144lbs. She has averaged almost 2 pounds a month.

This is a very healthy weight loss.  Also, by doing it this way her chances of keeping it off are much higher.

Great job, Hannah! 
Your persistence is admirable!
It has definitely paid off!  Glad to have you as a regular member.

March 2017
Member of the Month


Hi, my name is Matt Zipfel. I am 56 years of age and a Belleville native. I was a Junior High Science teacher for 33 years. I recently retired a little earlier than expected, due to the disease multiple systems atrophy (MSA). It is in the Parkinson's family but attacks the cerebellum and brain stem differently.

The symptoms of MSA are similar to Parkinson's. Of course balance, coordination, and muscle control are affected along with systems of the autonomic nervous system; hence the name multiple systems.

Prior to being diagnosed with MSA, I was very active. I've always been involved in exercise and playing sports, and doing physical labor type of jobs (landscaping, carpentry.) Needless to say, getting arthritis was difficult, but developing MSA was something different.

Since my diagnosis this past July, I've tried to adjust my life to combat this disease. I tried to stay active, eat right, followed doctor's orders, and maintain as much normalcy of a regular life.

There is no known cause or cure for MSA, but I'm a firm believer of positive mind, body and spirit.

I was excited to learn about the Rock Steady Boxing Program. I've always been a fan of boxing, and as I stated, I love to workout. I thought definitely a win-win situation! I'm finding out it's more! The Rock Steady Boxing Program also gives you a mental strength of fighting back! To get in shape, help the balance, have a positive outlook, and to "fight back" and hopefully relieve some symptom/or slow down the progression. I can't think of a better realistic way-for there is no pill or surgery to cure it.

The class is awesome, but it takes special people to lead it and deliver the skills and spirit needed to achieve all you can. The drive, enthusiasm, determination, and kindness of the Rock Steady Boxing instructors, Stacie, Denise, Marsha, Katie are phenomenal. We are working hard and expectations are high. It is done with fun! You basically think you're training to be the next heavy weight champion. Stacie, Denise, Marsha and Katie, you are champions in helping us to fight back!

Keep Up The Good Work Matt!!!


February 2017
Member of the Month

member of the month
Karen Lynn

Here’s to Karen Lynn, our February member of the month.  Her story begins 16 years ago at the age of 25.  At this time she entered into a really dark place in her life.  It all started when her otherwise healthy mother was suddenly
diagnosed with cancer. She passed away a month later. “Food became everything to me”, said Karen.  It was her comfort, companion, boredom buster, anger management, joy, everything except her nutrition.  On top of that, she started smoking. She also had issues with alcohol.  In this process she gained 100 pounds.

Karen hit bottom and prayed for help.  She left it in God’s hands.  “It was as if God said, now I have something to work with”, said Karen.  Things began to happen. She and a girlfriend decided to start walking daily at 5:00 am.  After a year of this, her hairdresser told her how she was doing a boxing class.  She bought Karen a pair of boxing gloves for Christmas.  So, Karen came here and took the boxing class.

That’s how she met Stacie.  Karen started personal training with Stacie.  They meet three times a week. Karen says, “Stacie is much more than a trainer.  She doesn’t just work my body.  She has changed my spirit and my way of thinking.  She has gotten me to do things I never believed I could do.  She’s amazing!
Stacie has helped me to put food in its rightful place.  I am still working on eating healthier foods.”

In addition to all of the above, Karen attended a shred class in Missouri until we offered it here.  During the last year and a half Karen has lost 100 pounds.  “I give this all up to God, says Karen.  Things fell into place and I just took advantage of them.”

Congratulations on your new lifestyle change and on getting healthier!

 We hope to have you around for a long time!

 January 2017
Member of the Month

member of the month

Thor Sisson

He started here about the age of 12. His dad played racquetball & he came with him. Thor is now age 43. So, that means he’s been a member here off & on for

Around that same time Thor’s uncle, Chuck Moore (also a member) gave him his first weight set. Thor said, “This is back when I was scrawny and no matter how much or what I ate I couldn’t gain a pound.”  This was the start of his weight training.

Thor’s routine goes like this: 
Day One: 35-40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical
Day Two: 1-1 1/2 hours upper body weight lifting
Day Three: 1-1 1/2 hours abs and legwork
Day Four: OFF 

Thor enjoys lifting weights, but not the cardio so much. At age 40 his doctor found that his cholesterol was up and recommended that he add cardio to his workout.  So he did.

Besides working out here, Thor maintains 16 acres of land that he owns. That includes cutting grass, trimming brush, etc. In the summer he enjoys sailing and power boating. He also enjoys traveling when he can.

Thanks for being a long time member.  Your dedication to your healthy lifestyle is an inspiration.  It proves that putting in the time exercising keeps you healthy and injury free.

Keep up the good work! 
You have many more years to go!


Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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