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December 2016
Member of the Month

December 2016 Members of the Month
Betty Cohn Browning

Betty has been a BHSC member for approximately 25 years.  Many of those years she came in five days a week. She used to do step and high/low classes or whatever class was in the 9:00 AM time slot. She also had a personal trainer.

Betty in now 80 years young and looks the same as 25 years ago, but things have changed a bit. She now comes in three days a week. On two of the days she does Pilates. She also does Zumba, 55+ class and Power Cut class.

Until 1994, Betty enjoyed playing tennis.  She gave that up, but replaced it with dancing. Betty remarried in 2012 to Paul Browning. She and her husband belong to a swing dance club. They dance about twice a week.  Betty has four children and eight grandchildren. Betty is a true advocate of exercise. She has tried to encourage all of her family to pursue fitness.  “Exercise has been a real stress relief for me, says Betty”.  Her encouragement has been successful. They are all active.

Betty’s story is very inspirational.  We hope it will inspire others to continue the path of fitness.

We are grateful to have her as one of our members!!!

November 2016
Member's of the Month

November 2016 Members of the Month
Veterans and Military Personnel

This month our member of the month spotlight is focused on our veterans and military personnel!

If you are a veteran or currently in the military, please sign your name on the poster board.

It is pinned in the hallway downstairs. The member of the month bullentin board outside the Nautilus room.


October 2016
Member's of the Month

October 2016 Members of the Month
Valerie and Jeff

Our members being spotlighted for this month are Valerie & Jeff Teague. Their weight loss journey started 8 years ago at another gym. Valerie was 70 lbs. heavier then. She’s an introvert. This made it harder to even step into a gym. On top of that, she could only do 4 minutes on the elliptical.  She managed to overcome this by repeating the following mantra. “Don’t give up! You’re already lapping the people who are sitting on the couch. I also focused on how well I felt after I finished my work out,” said Valerie.

Jeff retired from the military in 2006 & put on 50 lbs. over the next few years. As he started working out, he first noticed how he felt better, but wasn’t losing any weight.  He was getting a little frustrated.  After gym hopping, they landed at BHSC in 2012. Valerie had already lost 30 lbs. at this point.
Valerie says, “This is the best gym! Other places take forever to replace broken equipment and they aren’t as clean.”

Jeff says, “Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Big John did a great job of training us on the Nautilus machines.”

This past January, Valerie & Jeff learned more about nutrition and began watching what they ate. They eat very little sugar and keep carbs low. They eat more protein, veggies and grain fed meats. Recently they ate at a vegan restaurant and will probably go back. We REALLY like meat, so we’ll never become a vegan,” says Valerie. Since then, Valerie lost an additional 40 lbs. She is completely off ALL her medications. Her doctor says her cholesterol is fantastic. He told her that for every 1lb. lost, it has taken 4 lbs. of pressure off of her bad knees and hips. Jeff has lost 45 lbs. and has a lot more energy. Both of them did a 20 mile bike ride this summer.

“I was never an exercise person until the last few years. Now if I have to miss my workout I get upset and try to refigure when I can get it in or else I work out at home. I think I may be the only woman who weighs less than her driver license.” Jeff says, “When I can’t make it here, I use the gym at work. When we travel we will swim in the pool.”

Congratulations to both on your successful life changes. Your stories are inspiring and we are so glad you are members here!

September 2016
Member's of the Month

September 2016 Members of the Month
Crystal & Joe Nesbit

Joe and Crystal gym hopped quite a bit before they landed here at BHSC.

They tried many fitness classes and child care facilities, but there was always something not quite right. Finally they feel they have found their home. “We love it here,” says Crystal! We keep pulling our friends into this gym.

Previously, their main focus was on doing cardio workouts.  Joe especially liked to run. Then his knees started have problems and the doctor advised him to stop running. Also, with approaching age 40, their bodies are reacting differently. What used to work for them no longer does.

So, they decided to try something different. Their choice was the powerlifting class. Crystal said, “After having 7 surgeries on knees, shoulders and ankles, I wasn’t even sure that I could lift weights. Instructor and Personal Trainer, Rachel, showed me proper form and gave me confidence to be able to do it.” “I like the structure of the class, says Joe. Kate and Rachel made me realize that I can do more than I thought.” Crystal and Joe are feeling much stronger now than they did six weeks ago when they started.

They both still enjoy doing classes like step, power cut, boot camp, boxing and circuit. They also enjoy yoga, but the time does not always work with their schedule. You will see Joe and Crystal here 4-5 times a week.

We’re glad to have you home!
Keep up your healthy lifestyle

August 2016
Member of the Month

August 2016 Members of the Month
Donna & Gary Malaschak

Gary has been a member off and on since 2003. The off part was due to a couple of surgeries he had. He has been very regular since he retired a couple of years ago.

When Donna retired in 2008, she was recruited to join by a former senior member.

Gary started trying to lose weight on his own. He was successful at losing 18 pounds. After about 6 months he reached a plateau. So, he and Donna started using the LOSE IT app on their phone. It keeps track of your calories and exercise. Gary lost another 35 lbs., totaling 53 lbs. and Donna lost 25 lbs. “You have to be honest with all of it,” says Donna. “It makes you think twice about if you really want to eat those extra calories or if you are willing to spend extra time on the treadmill” added Gary.

Last winter, Donna and Gary spent 4 months in Florida. Donna lost 2 pounds and Gary managed to maintain his weight. “We stuck with the program even though it was hard. We made it a priority to walk every morning,” they said.

Another benefit of the weight loss for Gary is that he has been able to use less insulin for his diabetes. His daily dose was 75 units. He has cut that down by 2/3 to 25 units. They both say that when they exercise at the gym they feel better.

“The gym is a very friendly place. There’s always a hello or a fist bump from someone” says Gary. “I have made a lot of great friends. I miss them when I’m not here. They keep me coming,” says Donna.

Congratulations on your successful weight loss.
Keep up your healthy lifestyle!
You’re Great Examples to Others!
We enjoy having you as members!

July 2016
Member of the Month

June Member of the Month

Donna Juenger

Congratulations to Donna Juenger for being our member of the month.

Donna’s A1C was high and she was pre-diabetic. That had to change, so she joined BHSC in May of 2015. For the first six months she exercised 5 days a week. Getting bored, Donna decided to participate in the Holiday challenge held by the club.

This is how she met personal trainer, Stacie. “She was a God send, says Donna. I started personal training with Stacie and she showed me how to change things up.” Since December, Donna has lost 19 lbs. and 17”. She’s also become more flexible. Having knee replacement left her unable to pull her foot up to her knee in order to put shoes on while sitting. Now she can. Her hands have become steadier being able to paint. She has begun to run again, which she hasn’t done in years.

Donna works out at least 3 days a week. If her weight gets stuck she will bump that up to 5 days a week.

She lifts weights & does cardio, mixing it up between the bike, elliptical and running. Her cardio lasts for 30 minutes. If the weather is nice, she enjoys walking 2 miles outside.

Donna says, “The atmosphere at BHSC is great! I intend to stay and lose more weight and inches.”

Keep up the good work! We’re glad to have you as a member and hope to see you for many years.

Way to go Donna!

June 2016
Member of the Month

June Member of the Month


Spotlighting for June are Tom Hunter Sr. and his family.
Tom Hunter has been coming to BHSC since 1980 when it was the Raquet Ball Club. Tom, Jr. (aka TJ) joined during his school days. Tom, Sr. also has grandchildren that work out here, Jodi Jones, Alissa and Daniel.

Tom comes to exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He uses weight machines, runs on the track and stretches. You may see him lying in the hallway upstairs, stretching.

TJ usually is here 3-4 days a week very early in the morning. His routine is similar to his dad’s. TJ says, “As far as my parents go, I’ve won the lottery!”

Jodi is not only a member, but also an employee. She works in the nursery 2-3 days a week. Jodi enjoys the Boxing, Circuit and Body Blast classes. She also does 40-60 minutes of cardio splitting up the time between the cross trainer and the treadmill.

Alissa and Daniel (TJ’s children) try to come in at least 3 times a week. They do a mixture of weight machines and cardio for their workouts.

It’s wonderful to see a family so dedicated to being healthy. What a wonderful lifestyle to pass down from generation to generation.

Happy Father’s Day ---Tom and TJ
To all of you, it’s great to have you as members!

May 2016
Member's of the Month

Barb Corbett
Karen Weidauer
Chesea Weidauer

Mother’s Day is during the month of May, therefore Barb, Karen & Chelsea are our mothers/daughters of the month.

The trio are lifetime members of Weight Watchers and being aware of their diet, knew they needed to exercise.

Barb and Karen’s exercise journey started by walking outside during the nice weather. As it got colder, the exercise stopped until it warmed up again. This went on for years. Finally, Karen decided she wanted the exercise to be continuous. She joined BHSC in 2006 and comes 4-5 times each week. Over the years she has taken several classes, but prefers cardio workouts on the elliptical, stair step, lifecycle or rowing machine. A few days a week, she also lifts weights on the machines.

Karen’s daughter, Chelsea, joined at the age of 13. She played softball in high school. During the off season, she spent a lot of time trying to stay in shape. Her softball days are behind her, but Chelsea still comes in 5 days a week. She does cardio machines and weight machines. She also enjoys running outside.

Barb has had three hip replacements over the last 4 years. So, exercise is important. Karen, her daughter, wanted her to at least walk year around. So Karen bought her a gym membership as a gift. Now, Barb comes to the gym 3 days a week, if she is not traveling, at a casino, playing cards or out to lunch with friends, she walks the track and participates in the SilverSneakers classes. She plans to add more to her exercise routine in the future.


April 2016
Member of the Month

Sam Katzman

Sam moved from St. Louis to Belleville and says, “Besides my husband, the best part of moving here is this gym.  I’ve met so many people here.  Now when I go somewhere, I usually run into someone I know. It’s helped me feel at home.”

You will see Sam working out five times each week and sometimes twice a day.  This is because her schedule revolves around the fitness classes.  She gets here 45 – 60 minutes before class to run on the treadmill.  Sam loves the boxing and power cut classes.  She also lifts weights three times per week using the weight machines.

Sam has also been a competitive runner since the age of 10.  This year she decided to try to qualify for the Boston marathon.  Her age bracket is the hardest to make (age 26).  She began training for a marathon held in Memphis where she could possibly qualify.  It was her first try and she did qualify!  She will now be competing in the Boston marathon in 2017.

Congratulations Sam! 
We will be cheering you on and we are so happy you chose to work out at the Sports Center.

February 2016
Member of the Month

Pat Hume

It’s February and our member of the month is Pat Hume.

Pat is 66 years young and has been a member since June 2008. He joined to better his health.   This included losing some weight.

Pat has participated in the club challenges. However, he prefers to exercise on his own. He is here exercising five days a week. His cardio of choice is either the treadmill or cross trainer. He also lifts weights on the machines. As well as spending a good amount of time stretching.

On the days he is not exercising here, he will walk outside.

Pat enjoys talking with other members when he is here. He has a great sense of humor and we enjoy his candor. 

Keep up your example of consistency and we hope you are a member for a long time to come.

Great Job Pat!!!


January 2016
Member of the Month

member of the month

Mardi Mauch and Linda Gonzales

Sisters, Linda Gonzales and Mardi Mauch each own their own business. They decided they needed more stamina and strength to do their jobs properly without injuries.

Mardi and Linda joined BHSC and started their training with Stacie. She has taught them the proper use of the Nautilus machines to avoid injuries and gain muscles for their jobs. Stacie’s words of encouragement are familiar to us, often saying, “Come on ladies, you can do it”, inspiring and motivating them.

Growing up with former Belleville West football coach, Bob Samples, they often heard, “All I ask is that you do your best”.  Having a personal trainer would hold them accountable to do better with their hectic schedule.

Both have committed to training twice a week for the past year and a half. Successfully accomplishing several goals, they have lost inches, weight, body fat, dropping two sizes, and improved their BMI. Linda and Mardi have been eating healthy and gaining much needed energy for their jobs.

Linda and her husband took a trip to the Smokey Mountains. She was able to hike up a steep hill feeling strong and without being winded. Linda owns Chuck Wagon and is on her feet continuously.

Mardi plays golf and volleyball. She claims that she feels stronger and her game has improved. Mardi owns Wild Bird Unlimited and can lift bags of bird seed without problems.

Stacie has designed their program specifically for them. The focus is on changing the routine week to week. The exercises consist of functional dynamics, weight lifting and cardio work. They enjoy working with the battle ropes, ball throw and core exercises.

Linda and Mardi continue to set goals. They always work hard; therefor they continue to see results.

What WE love about Stacie, she’s the voice inside our heads saying,
YOU CAN DO IT” said Mardi and Linda.

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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