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December 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Doug Payne

Doug Payne is the December member of the month.

Memorial Hospital started the cardiac rehab program at the YMCA around 1990 and Doug's wife, Shelia, was part of the original group. Doug started his workout journey. He joined BHSC in February 2001 and has continued to work out regularly.

Doug walks on the treadmill for 3 miles. Then he lifts light weights for 20-45 minutes. This has been his exercise routine for many years.

In 1996, after his usual routine one day, Doug found himself collapsed on the floor from a heart attack. Doctors found a blocked artery, so they did angioplasty. Shortly after, he had a stroke, temporarily losing use of his right arm and his speech. That's when he had a stent put in. Doug received firsthand experience with the Cardiac Rehab program. "They were extremely beneficial in getting my confidence and health Back. It was scary getting back on the treadmill. I was so weak, it took me a hour to do one mile", said Doug.

Doug is careful about what he eats. He keeps his weight between 186-190 pounds. This and exercise has kept his blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. all looking very good. He hasn't experienced any other problems since. Soon he will be 64 years young.

Thanks for being such a long time member and sharing your story!

November 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Christy Ursch

Christy Ursch is our member of the month for November. She has been a BHSC member since 2006. Christy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had her thyroid removed, followed by high dosage radiation therapy. This situation caused her to gain weight. 

At age 41, she knew losing weight was only going to get harder. Also the extra weight was detrimental to her health. So, she talked to her doctor and he adjusted her thyroid medicine. This helped a little with the weight, but she still had a way to go. Her next step was to buy a Fit Bit. She added the application to her phone and began tracking her fitness. 

Her goal was to intake 1400-1600 calories and bum up 3000-4000 daily. 

Christy has been coming in 6-7 days a week.

She walks on the treadmill for a hour and then the elliptical for 40-60 minutes. This bums 1000-1200 calories for her. The rest is burnt doing her daily activities. 

She is a huge advocate for the Fit Bit. "It has really worked for me," says Christy. Her process started the end of February 2015. Since then, she has lost 100 pounds. 

Your story is a real inspiration! Congratulations on your weight loss and surviving cancer!

We appreciate having you as a member!

October 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Matthew Green

Matthew Green is Belleville Health and Sports Center's member of the month. Matthew has been a member at BHSC for 18 years. At 41 years old, he began to notice that many people his age were suffering from serious health issues. He was determined not to end up with diabetes, heart conditions, or any other cardiovascular diseases.

So Matthew changed his eating habits. He strongly feels that sugar is addictive and has found that fresh, wholesome food is more expensive than unhealthy, processed options. "There's something wrong with that," says Matthew.

Matthew also exercises regularly five times a week and has been seeing wonderful results. He uses moderate weights and completes 20-25 repetitions.

Four days a week, he does 30 minutes of cardio. On the fifth day, he increases his cardio to 45 minutes. To keep from getting bored, he alternates between the treadmill, bike, and stair stepper for his cardio workout.

Matthew says, "I've also had great luck by setting small goals that are easily attainable." Six months ago, Matthew weighed 217 lbs. and his body fat was 24.5%. Today he weighs 181 lbs. and his body fat is 10%.

What a GREAT transformation! Congratulations on your success, Matthew!

You are an extraordinary inspiration. We look forward to seeing you around the club for years to come as you maintain your good health.

September 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Betty Lewis

Betty has not been a member for long, but her story is great! 

She has been friends for 53 years with one of our long time members, Lucy Sudol. Back in the day, the two of them walked 3 -4 miles a day. This is the only exercise Betty has done until she joined the Sports Center.

The amazing part of this story is that Betty just turned 95 years young at the end of August.

Her son, Mark Lewis and daughter, Sara Klappert are members and have been trying to get her to the Sports Center for years.

Betty comes to the Silver Sneakers chair class 2 to 3 times each week. "I really enjoy the chair class. I feel better since I started", says Betty. On days that she does not come to class, she will do the exercises at home. It just goes to show you that you are never too old to begin exercising!

Great job Betty, happy to have you exercising with us.

August 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Charles Mahr

Charles works for the US Government at Scott AFB and is also a professional portrait photographer. His wife Linda is also a member of the Sports Center and loves the Zumba classes.

During an annual checkup with his doctor, Charles found out that he was borderline diabetic, had significantly high cholesterol as well as uncontrolled high blood pressure. He was placed on blood pressure medication but opted to change his diet to resolve the other medical challenges. He changed his eating habits and decreased his caloric intake by eating more vegetables, less meat and restricted his proteins to chicken, turkey and fish. If he did not eat the food in the natural form, he grilled or smoked it. Charles began a workout regimen consisting of both cardio and strength training. Starting out slowly and seeing progress, he increased the intensity of his workouts to reach new goals. He ended up with a four day on, one day off cycle of exercise.

Charles recently went back to his doctor for his annual checkup. After his doctor reviewed his blood work, he informed him that he had never seen such a tum-around. His cholesterol was well below the norm, no longer diabetic and his blood pressure was no longer high but too low. These significant changes were because of the lifestyle change he made and the support from his wife.

To date, Charles has lost 50 pounds; went from 33% body fat to 13.5%, neck size of 18 ½'' to 16 ½"; waist size of 39" to 33". Charles says, "Another thing that helped me was seeing many of my morning workout friends who don't know it but truly encouraged me on this lifestyle change". Charles lives the "Healthy Lifestyle" we are all striving for.

Great job! We are all so proud of you and happy for you.


July 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Raphael Jones

We are proud to announce that Raphael Jones is our July Member of the Month.

He has been a member of BHSC since August of2011; however, his journey really began in January of 2014 when his doctor gave him a wake-up call. At age 26, Raphael weighed 360 pounds and was diagnosed with hypertension.

He immediately changed his diet and started eating more fruits and vegetables. He also cut way back on the junk food and even started dabbling in vegan foods. Raphael also made a routine of exercising at the club at least three times each week.

He now spends at least 30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine to get his cardio workout and he has added a 10 minute jump rope session to his routine. Raphael also spends 30 minutes lifting free weights. 

On July 26, Raphael will be doing a weigh in to chart his progress. Check the Member Spotlight board to see the results!

This past December, Raphael finished his Master's Degree and is currently looking for a position as a school counselor.

We are all so happy for your many successes. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and we can't wait to see your results!!!

June 2015
Members of the Month 

member of the month

Ken and Pat Mertens

Our Members of the Month for June are Pat & Ken Mertens, who were high school sweethearts. Pat went to Belleville Township East and Ken went to Althoff.
They met when working at Ponderosa Steak House and have been married for 33 years.

Pat and Ken share a love for jogging and they have been doing it since 1982. Five years ago they joined the Sports Center and also started participating in 5K's, 10K's and half marathons.

Pat works at her alma mater, Belleville East High School. She rarely misses her workout before going to her job. Pat does the 5:30AM Body Blast Classes on Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's. She also comes to the Saturday classes most weeks. Pat loves the variety of classes and says, "I've made some great friends from these classes. We even go out and celebrate birthdays and "what not" together. "I really love these people!

Ken worked for UPS for 35 years and started exercising here for his job. "I found that the better shape I was in, the easier my job was." He would be here at 4:45AM before going to work. He lifts weights in the free weight room and in the Nautilus room and also does some cardiovascular exercise. He retired from U PS in 2014. Since retiring, Ken would sometimes come in to exercise twice a day when the weather was too cold to be outside. He would do weights in the morning and cardio later in the day. Now that the weather is nice, he does his cardio outside. Ken enjoys golfing and participating in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program.
Pat & Ken's most enjoyable activity together is with their two granddaughters. (Anyone who has grandchildren understands this.)

As you can see, staying in shape together has kept Ken & Pat extremely healthy and fit. You are in inspiration for all couples!

Great job Ken & Pat.


May 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

David Joellenbeck

David has been a member of the Sports Center since January, 2009.

For the first 5 years of his membership, his weight yo-yoed up and down. "I just wasn't motivated enough to stay consistent." said David. But in May of 2014, there was a shift in his attitude. 

He became very determined to get healthy so he would be around for a long time.

David has been coming into the Sports Center to work out 7 days every week. He has only missed Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Easter. 

His regular routine begins with 30 minutes on the stair step machine, followed by 30 minutes on an elliptical and finishes with 20 minutes of free weights or weight lifting machines. 

He sticks to a 1500 calorie diet that is well balanced and has given up sugar and beer.

For all of his effort and hard work, he has lost 130 pounds in the last 11 months. His goal is to lose another 20 pounds. 

David's 16 year old daughter was so inspired by her dad that she also lost 37 pounds.

All of us at BHSC are very proud of your  accomplishment.

Your story will inspire others to dig deep within themselves and find the drive to get healthy  as well.

Congratulations David!


April 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Adam Toenjes

Even when Adam played sports, he claims he was on the heavier side. "I like to eat", he said. The turning point came in January of 2014. Adam set his mind to lose weight and to get healthy. He went on a diet that was close to the Adkins diet. He was also diligent about exercising 5-6 days a week. On three of those days he would do cardio for 30 minutes. On 5 of those days he lifted weights.

By doing this, he went from 260 lbs. to 195 lbs.

Then, he changed his diet. Adam used a fit app called Lose It. He tracked everything he ate and made sure he met his calorie deficit. He dropped down to 176 labs. He found this weight was too hard to maintain, so has settled at 180 lbs. This is an 80 lb weight loss in one year!

"There was no magic bullet. Just hard work and watching what I ate", said Adam.

Fantastic job, Adam!
Congratulations on the weight loss.
We hope to see you around the gym for years to come.


March 2015
Member's of the Month 

member of the month

George and Lynn Renner

Lynn joined the Sports Center approximately one and a half years ago after finding out she had high cholesterol. In order to keep it down and to cut down on her medication, she began exercising. Once in a while Lynn walks on the treadmill but she prefers taking classes. Her very favorites are Body Blast, Boot Camp and Yoga. Part of the reason she likes classes so much is the variety of instructors and how they keep the classes interesting and fun.

George started working out in high school while playing sports. At age 22 he officially joined a weight lifting club and shortly after started working out at the Sports Center when it was a racquetball club. He has been here ever since. George enjoys working out. He says, "It makes me feel better."  Of course as he has gotten older, he doesn't lift the heavy weights any more. Due to a recent mitrovalve surgery, he now focuses on cardio and lifting lighter weights. He exercises 5-7 times each week. His cardio is done mostly on the treadmill but will occasionally use an elliptical or recumbent bike. Every other day he lifts weights using the Nautilus equipment. Exercising in the morning is preferred, "It starts my day off smoother." George also enjoys an occasional massage.

"This place feels like my second home.  The staff here is great!"

In their leisure time, Lynn enjoys walking outside (weather permitting)  and George likes to ride his bike. Together they enjoy golfing and walking the beach (when on vacation).

Thank you George and Lynn for being dedicated BHSC members. Your commitment to health and wellness are examples for all of us.

Great job to both of you!

February 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Nicole Gall

Nicole Gall is our featured member. 

Nicole says she has been over weight since her first year of college. For years her weight has yo-yoed. Being "chubby" made her insecure and unhappy. She was uncomfortable going to social events or leaving the house became a dreaded event. She hid inside baggy t-shirts, sweats and plus sized clothes for years.

About two years ago, Nicole was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who gave her the motivation to lose weight. "I didn't want my daughter to have a mother that couldn't run around and play with her. I also didn't want her to be ashamed of my weight. So, I started on a diet and attending the gym," said Nicole.  

With the help of Denise, her personal trainer, she has lost over 40 pounds in the last nine months and is still losing. Nicole has upgraded her wardrobe to show case her new shape and keeping up with her child is no problem at all

. Congratulations on your successful weight loss and gain of a healthy lifestyle.



January 2015
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Joe Ishman

During the first 6 month s of Joe's membership, he came in twice a week and only did free weights.  After a while, he realized that he was spending two hours at the gym and only getting a 15 minute workout. He spent too much time socializing. Joe added two more workout days but decided to try some of the classes. He learned that his upper body strength was in good shape but his legs and stamina needed some work.

He continues to come in Monday through Thursday each week and lifts weights twice a week and then does a class on the other two days. Joe said, "The classes make my fitness routine much more well- rounded and includes the cardio I need." Originally, Joe thought he would only be here about 6 months because he figured he would get bored and move onto another club. "However, the highly skilled and very motivating instructors keep things interesting . I'd like to give special thanks to Denise, Gay Lynn , Stacie, and the staff that stepped up to cover for Gay Lynn while she was out. I'm in better shape now than I've ever been ," says Joe. He has been a loyal member of the Sports Center for two years. 

We hope to see Joe working out at the Sports Center for years to come. Thank you for inspiring others to cross train to get in the best shape of their life.

Great job, Joe!

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

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