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Cheryl Totsch and Her Famly

November 2014  


November is a month to remind ourselves to celebrate family and be grateful. Our member spotlight is the family of our employee, Cheryl Totsch. Cheryl's daughter , Darian , started coming at six weeks in a pumpkin seat and is now 21.

At the age of 12, she started working out on the elliptical, weight machines and the free weights. She enjoys watching sports and playing games. Her passion is baking and she works as a pastry chef.

Cheryl 's parents , Richard and Dorothy Feazel , joined the gym after retirement. Both of them are 84 years young. They are at the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday participating in the 55+ step and hi-lo classes. Cheryl is proud of her parents because her mom stands in the front of the class till the end and her dad is the only male. Both lift weights and walk the track. They enjoy the monthly potlucks, camping in their RV and square dancing. After attending the activities of their four children and grandchildren they can still enjoy their great grandchildren.

Dorothy is a 26 year breast cancer survivor. Being different then, it was a rough process. Exercising before and after had a huge impact on her outcome. Richard had quadruple bypass surgery. Also exercising and rehab, he is more active than men 10-15 years younger. They can still Polka and Jitterbug with the best.

All are excellent examples of what a healthy lifestyle can do for you. Exercise is their fountain of youth. Cheryl is grateful to have such a great family.

Member's of the Month

member of the month

Bernie Cook
October 2014  


Bernie Cook was chosen as our member of the month because of personal experience with breast cancer.

In 1988, a friend invited her to BHSC after her gym closed. She has been here consistently for 26 years. Bernie works out 4 days a week, 2-3 hours at a time. She enjoys participating  in classes.  She likes to cross train, so she mixes up her classes. To get her cardio, she will do Zumba, step, core board, hi-lo or bike, pilates and yoga for flexibility and strength training with power cut or other weight classes.

In March 2013, Bernie had a case of strep throat. Around that same time, she found a lump under her arm. She thought it to be an enlarged lymph node due to the strep throat. A week went by and it didn't  shrink. Her regular mammogram appointment was scheduled for April, but her doctor advised her to come to the office right away.  With the mammogram showing negative results, an ultrasound was ordered discovering a cancerous lump. Surgery was a week later, followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy.

Bernie decided to keep her workout schedule best as she could.  Monday was filled with exercise in the morning to relieve physical and emotional stress from afternoon chemo.

"Exercise kept me more focused and calm, with a better attitude" says Bernie. Tuesday was a good day to work out and Wednesday and Thursday were rest
days.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with yoga, pilates and walking. She would work out to build herself
back up for the next round of chemo.  "It was harder as treatments continued, like an emotional roller coaster," said Bernie. Even during the low, Bernie still came to exercise with a fantastic and strong attitude throughout the ordeal.

With a career as a Nutritionist, Bernie knew she needed to continue to eat well.  She also knew her blood count was going to take a beating. So, she made sure she ate red meat 2-3 times a week, to get the most iron.  Doctors were very surprised to see how well her blood counts were doing.  She added calcium and vitamin D because chemotherapy affects the bones. She thinks her approach was a very important part of her success. She is willing to share her experience and knowledge. Bernie is doing well. 

We are so happy and blessed to have her as part of our BHSC family. Her articles in the newsletter are very insightful. Bernie, you fought like a girl!


Member of the Month

member of the month

Darlene Sullivan
August 2014  

Darlene Sullivan is our August Member of the Month. She has been a part of our Sports Center family since 2002.  Darlene joined because she learned she was hypertensive and as an RN circulator nurse at Touchette Regional Hospital, she knew she had to get her health under control.

Her road to better health took her to working out on the treadmill or elliptical for 30 to 40 minutes each session along with lifting weights. But her favorite form of exercise is doing the weight and step classes in the aerobic room.

Besides exercising at the Sports Center, Darlene walks her four dogs and is very involved in her church. She also enjoys going to movies, restaurants and just being with family and friends.

Darlene is dedicated to her healthy lifestyle and her hypertension  is under control. She has found her overall attitude is better when she works out. "I notice a difference in my attitude after I haven't been to the gym in a few days." Darlene even comes in to work out when she is on call for the hospital.

Congratulations to you Darlene for being such a healthy role model for others.

We are so happy to have you exercising at the Sports Center.

Member's of the Month

member of the month

Irene Dixon and Jim Demos
June 2014  


In honor of Fathers Day, our June Members of the Month are Jim Demos and daughter, Irene Dixon.

As a Senior Bank Examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank, Jim did a lot of traveling and sitting in hotel rooms began to take a toll on his health. In 1999 he joined the Sports Center and would work out evenings and weekends. He and his co-workers also started using the hotel fitness centers when he was traveling.

After 25 years working in the banking industry, Jim retired. Now we see Jim working out 3 to 4 times each week and walks on the treadmill 3 to 4 miles along with lifting weights with the nautilus equipment. He also enjoys sharing jokes with the many friends he has made at the Sports Center. In his leisure time, Jim enjoys working in his yard and loves to spend time with his family.

Jim & Irene go to lunch together once a week on her day off. Irene has been a member since 1994 and works out 6 days each week with her husband who is her work out buddy. "It's better to have someone to exercise with. He challenges me." Irene likes to do Pilates once a week and the rest of the week, she does 4 to 6 miles on the treadmill. She has lost 46 pounds in a year by working out and following the Weight Watchers program. Her father says, "She looks like a teen again."

She is so dedicated that Weight Watchers has asked her to work for them as a receptionist and to do weigh-ins. This will be in addition to her job as a pharmacy technician. Irene makes her exercise a priority. She packs her work out gear the night before and heads to the gym straight from work because she knows if she goes home first, she won't go.

Congratulations to both of you for making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle! We love having you both as Sports Center members.

member of the month

Tracy Williams
May 2014  


May is the month we honor Tracy Williams and her daughters, Courtney and Aubrey. Tracy's life change started with the decision to get healthy. Her first step was to change her eating habits. As she started eating right, the weight started coming off but she knew she needed to exercise to be healthy. She took the next step to join the Sports Center with her two daughters.

Tracy mixes up her workouts with the treadmill, bike, elliptical, walking track and Nautilus machines. She has added running and Zumba (which she loves) to her workout routine. Recently, she and her daughters have started playing racquetball to mix things up even more. Tracy works two jobs which adds up to 50 - 60 hours of work each week, but she still finds time to exercise 3 times a week. Since Tracy began her healthier lifestyle, she has lost 75 pounds! Aubrey comes in to work out 3 times a week also. She loves lifting weight with the Nautilus equipment and like her mom; she loves Zumba and their newest exercise, racquetball. Aubrey is full of energy; she is the motivator of the group.

Courtney likes to work out on the treadmill, elliptical and bike. She also lifts weights with the Nautilus equipment and enjoys playing racquetball. Her schedule changes weekly, she gets here as often as she can. Tracy has been a great inspiration to her girls. They see how much better she feels and moves. Tracy says, "The girls have been great exercise partners. They make working out so much more fun!

Congratulations to all of you for making this healthy lifestyle change. Keep up the great work! 

April 2014


We salute all those who completed Thinner Winner!
The goal of the 8 week program was to exercise at least 5 times each week.

At the beginning of the Challenge, each participant weighed in and measured their initial body fat.

At the end of the challenge, the majority of members exercised at least 5 times each week, lost weight and lowered their body fat.

We are proud of them.

April 2014 Member's of the Month

At total of 153.2 pounds were lost by this group and 49.3% body fat.
Steve Aydt
Heather Bowen
Sondra Brown
Allyson Callison
McKenzie Campbell
John Carpenter
Debbie Clement
Betty Cohn
Caroline Courtney
Millie Courtney
Irene Dixon
Victoria Douglas
Phyllis Ernst
Cathy Fenton
Annette Fietsam
Teresa Fite
Lisa Flach
Clare Goelz
Betty Gosline
Kiwan Guyton

Dennis Hall
Ryan Hancock
Barb Hechenberger
Linda Herrmann

Beth Hitchcock
Midge Hock
Alex Koch
Nina Marifian
Sandy Martinson
Rosanne Mathis
Pat Mertens
Chuck Moore
Emily Morris
Anita Mueller
Mitch Needleman
Jamie Olsen
Alice Overturf
Lynn Renner
Lynette Rienbolt
Linda Sterr
Debbie Teeter
Darla Telken
Betty Terry
Brad Vyers
Kara Vyers
Virl Williams
Terry Witt
Tom Wolf
Jimmy Worrell

The Following Members Exercised 5 times each week but did not complete the final weigh in or body fat analysis. 
Nancy Baldus
Pat Hume
Mike Maxwell
Judie Kolb
John Kolb
Margot Uhrig
Dale Vandiver

Club Challenge 2014
And the winners are:

Massage or Personal Training

Betty Cohn
Linda Herrmann
Clare Goelz
Barb Hechenberger
  Polar Watch

Debbie Clement
Caroline Courtney
Betty Gosline
Lynn Renner
Darla Telken
Heather Bowen

Congratulations to all!

Member of the Month 

member of the month

Ryan Hancock
March 2014

Ryan Hancock is our March Member of the Month. 

Ryan had never really exercised until he joined the Sports Center.  He started coming as a guest of Gino Liberati, after checking out other clubs closer to his home in Fairview Heights.  He felt they all seemed too competitive with a lot of grunting and weight banging.  Even though we were farther from his home, he liked the Sports Center better because it was more relaxed and had a friendly atmosphere.

One year ago, Ryan weighed 210 pounds.  His first step was to begin eating healthier.  Then he started exercising five days each week.  He started out with just cardiovascular exercise and then added weight lifting. Ryan alternates between lines A, B, and C.  His hard work has paid off, because he now weighs 160 pounds.    That is a whopping 50 pound weight loss!  Ryan says, "I actually like to work out now.  I don't love it, but I like it."

Ryan is a Professor of Counseling at Webster University.  He teaches his students the benefits of nontraditional healing, for example, how stress can be managed through Yoga and massage.

Ryan, we are happy to have you as one of our newer members.   We hope to have you working out with us for a long time.  Great job!


February 2014
Member's of the Month 

member of the month

The theme for  February is Valentine. In honor of the theme, we chose married couple, Marti & Chuck Evans, to be our members of the month.

Marti usually comes in 7 days a week. She does Shorin Ru karate 2-3 days a week. Even though she doesn't like to, she lifts weights 2 days a week. She also exercises about 65 minutes on the elyptical machine. She does pilates when she can work it into her schedule. Marti says, "I spend to hours a day working on a computer.  Using the gym daily is my way of trying to compensate for my sedentary lifestyle."

Some of Marti's hobbies are reading "happy" books. Even though she spends so much time with work on the computer, she still likes to play computer games. She  also enjoys traveling. Her latest adventure to Norway included her daughter. They were dog sledding.

Chuck works out 5-6 days a week. His work out  will include 35-40 minutes on the elyptical. He lifts both free weights & Nautilus machines. On occasion he will play racquetball. During warmer weather, Chuck enjoys riding his bike. His first love, however, is backpacking.

Chuck spends a considerable amount of time helping with his daughter's softball team. He's also very involved with the school board and volunteering at his church.

Marti & Chuck have 2 dogs. One is a yellow Lab named Caramel. The other is an Alaskan Malamute named Erik. They both enjoy walking these two additions to their family.

You make fitness a priority in your life no matter how busy you are. You both are excellent examples and we are so happy you are members here at BHSC!

January 2014
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Pat Calong

Our January 2014 Member of the Month is Pat Calong. She has always been a very active person. In 1982, after she dropped her children off at St. Theresa's school, she took the Martha Rounds classes that were held there. Not long after that, fitness centers began opening and Pat joined one before coming to the BHSC in 1997. Since then, Pat has been a regular working out 7 days every week. This past summer, she decided to start taking Sunday's off to work in her yard and has discovered that she likes the one day off to rest.

Pat likes to do the Pilates classes and you will also see her working out on the treadmill, stair climber, bikes and cross trainers. She also enjoys the power cut classes and TRX classes.

Pat has been married to her husband Rosel for almost 40 years. They have a son who lives in Texas with his wife and 2 year old grandson. They will be blessed with a granddaughter in February. Pat's and Rosel's daughter lives in New York with her husband and 1 year old grandson.

An interesting tidbit about Pat is that she moved to New York from the Philippines in 1972. She and Rosel then moved to Belleville in 1976 when Rosel became a partner in a medical office here. This is now home for them!

By making your health & well being such an important part of your life, you have become an excellent example to others.

We salute you Pat!

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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