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December 2013  bhsc member of the month

Dan Pencak

December 2013 – Member of the Month


Dan has been married to Sandra for 7 years. Luckily, her insurance has an incentive program to get its members to do yearly physicals. By doing this, Dan found. out his cholesterol was very high. Hts doctor wanted to put him on medication but Dan convinced the doctor to give him some time to lose weight and lower it himself. With his new diet and exercise, he has lost 50 pounds.

You will find Dan here most mornings. Three days a week, he lifts weights. On his weight lifting days he will do a light card~o workout. On the other days, he w1ll do 5K on the treadmill or 30 minutes on an elliptical.

Dan says, "I eat a lot of boring stuff. I only eat red meat once a month. I eat a lot of egg whites and things like that.

There are many days when I first wake up and I'm lying in bed and really don't want to come in. However, after I've worked out, had a steam and a shower, I feel so much better. I always feel good when I leave here."

We are so glad to see Dan have such great success combining exercise and diet. You are an awesome member.

Keep up the great work!


November 2013  bhsc member of the month

Veterans and Active Duty Military

November 2013 – Member of the Month


BHSC salutes our Veterans andActive Military members during the month of November.

Please bring a picture past or present, and tell us what branch of the military you served or are serving in. Please include your name and years served.

Please post on the Member of the Month bullentin board or leave your picture at the front desk and we can post it for you.

We all thank you for your service to our country. Because of you, we are safe and live in freedom.

WE Salute You!



Member of the Month

September 2013  bhsc member of the month

Kevin Richter

September 2013 – Member of the Month


Kevin Richter is our September Member of the Month.

Kevin started working out in this facility when it was strictly a racquetball club and he is still one of our loyal members.

Over the last six months, Kevin has lost over 30 pounds. On Monday's and Thursday's, he does 35-40 minutes on the treadmill and crosstrainer. On Wednesday's, Friday's and Saturday's he does Pilates and on Sunday morning he enjoys Power Pacing.

Kevin has worked as a lawyer for 30 years in his firm of Mathis, Marifian & Richter.

With his busy career, he manages to find time to get his workout in.

Kevin is also very active outside of work and the health club. He and his wife Sandy enjoy biking on the trails of St. Clair & Madison counties.

They have also enjoyed watching their youngest son Bryce, play baseball until they dropped him off at U of I for his first year of college. Their daughter Kim is employed at Methodist Memorial in their Health Information Encoding Department. Their son Chad is in his 3rd year of law school in Carbondale and their oldest son Kyle lives in Denver. He is director of marketing for Vista Life Sciences. Kyle was married September 1, 2013.

We salute you for your dedication to your health and we are so happy to have you as our member for all these years.


Member of the Month

August bhsc member of the month

Glenda Hunter

August 2013 – Member of the Month

Glenda Hunter is our August Member of the Month. Years ago while she was working as a teacher, Glenda was a member of the Sports Center. Life got in the way and she let her membership lapse. She later learned that the advice she was giving her students also applies to her in regards to her health.

The following years would bring knee problems due to a torn meniscus. She had surgery but did not follow through with the rehabilitation. Glenda would struggle to stand, then would have to stand and wait to see if her knee would hold before moving forward. During this time, her blood pressure and cholesterol were also high. To top everything off, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. When she retired from teaching, she decided it was time to get healthy.

Her first step was to join the Sports Center again. Since January, Glenda has lost 15 pounds. Her blood pressure and cholesterol are down and her doctor is very pleased. Since losing the weight, her knee feels so much better and rarely gives her any trouble. In fact, she was able to climb the stairs to the top row at the movie theater with her toddler granddaughter. Glenda claims to have never been very athletic, but she can now hit the volleyball around with her 11 year old granddaughter without feeling uncoordinated.

Glenda does the 55 Plus classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She says, The people here at the club inspire me." She has added the nautilus machines to her routine and had also worked up to riding the bike for 6 miles and walking the track for 2 miles. On Tuesday and Thursday, she does her cardiovascular workout at home.

Glenda says, At age 63 I feel better than I have in a long time. I have more energy and stamina. I can move easier, sleep better and my friends have even noticed the difference. As a teacher I have always told my students that if you do your homework, your grades will be better. I have found that if I exercise, my daily life is better." This month, Glenda celebrates five years of being cancer free. We are so happy for you.

Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments and we look forward to you being with us for the long haul!


Member of the Month

July  bhsc member of the month

Sondra Braun

July 2013 – Member of the Month


Sondra Braun is our July Member of the Month.  She has been a member for 20 years.  When she was in college, she decided she needed somewhere to get physical activity because she was no longer playing High School sports.  That is when she found the Sports Center.

Her routine is to come in four days per week.  On Monday’s she does kickboxing, Tuesday is her spinning and Body Blast class, Wednesday is TRX and running outside and Thursday she walks and does Body Blast.

Sondra has made some great friends at the Sports Center.  Together Sondra, Livi, Heidi, McKenzie and Midge do a lot of organized runs in the area.  Last August they participated in the Color Run.  The Glow Run was in October, November was the Cupcake Run and the Gingerbread run was obviously in December.  She also participated in a ½ marathon this past April and the Law Day run in May.  Sondra says, “My friends here are a big reason for my motivation to get in here every day!”

Sondra is a Finance Manager for Swan Corporation.  Three to four times per year she travels to California for work.  She also spends her spare time playing volleyball, golfing, gardening and loves to work on home improvement projects.

As you can see, Sondra is a very busy and active woman, yet she always finds time to get to the Sports Center to get her workout in.

You are a great example of how to make health & fitness your daily routine.  We truly enjoy having you as a member and look forward to seeing you here for many years to come!


Member of the Month

June bhsc member of the month

Dave Smith

June 2013 – Member of the Month


Our June Member of the Month is Dave Smith.  Dave loves to play racquetball and he has been playing for about 30 years!  He started playing at a club in St. Louis and then it closed.  He checked us out, met a great group of guys, and has been having fun playing here for the past 18 years.  

Dave’s routine consists of doing the stairmaster, elliptical and playing racquetball for his cardio.  He also does free weights and Nautilus and is here working out five days every week.  His motivation to stay healthy is to go on adventure trips where he hikes or bikes.  

Dave has hiked in Nepal and Pategonia.  He has also biked pretty much the whole island of Crete in Greece.  Dave has done biking and hiking all over Europe.  This summer he will be hiking in Alaska and next winter,  do a 12 day walk-about in Tazmania, Australia.  

“The people at BHSC are so friendly.  I enjoy everybody”,  says Dave.  We are so glad to have you as a member at the Sports Center. 

We hope you continue to work out here for many years to come, so you can continue to take your exotic adventure trips! 


Member of the Month

May bhsc member of the month

Sharon Harvey

May 2013 – Member of the Month


Our May Member of the Month is Sharon Harvey.  She has been a member for 18 years.  Sharon came to the Sports Center after Elaine Powers changed its name to Livingwell Lady.  Many of you will remember this women’s only club which then closed. 

Sharon was looking for a new place to join when she ran into Cheryl Totsch at the grocery store.  Cheryl told her all about the Sports Center and convinced Sharon to come and check it out.  She has been a member ever since! 

Sharon comes in four days per week to do the Zumba classes.  She loves Deborah, Nan, Sheri, Cheryl, Katrina and Iris (our Zumba instructors).  “They are great leaders and make staying healthy so much fun.”   She also lifts weights in the nautilus room when she comes in.  

Sharon says, “The staff here is so friendly and respectful.  I’m retired now and coming to work out keeps me mentally and physically fit.  I enjoy talking to the other members.  I’ve made new acquaintances and I also see old friends.”   

Congratulations Sharon.  Your positive attitude is most welcome here.  We look forward to seeing you here for many years to come. 


Member of the Month

April 2013 members of the month

Anita and Roy Mueller

April 2013 – Members of the Month

Our April Members of the Month are Anita and Roy Mueller.  Anita has been a member for 18 years and Roy for 28 years.  

Anita is a registered nurse at St. Louis University hospital.  She comes in three days each week and does Nautilus one or two of those days and does some form of cardiovascular exercise all three days for 1 – 1 ½ hours.  

Roy is a mortgage banker at First National Bank of Waterloo in the O’Fallon Banking Center.  He originally joined the club with his entire softball team.  They wanted to stay in shape over the winter so they played racquetball together.  Roy comes in four days per week.  On Monday and Wednesday, he does TRX class.  “Nan is an excellent TRX instructor.”   Roy always does cardiovascular exercise for an hour and also does nautilus machines.  “The staff is really wonderful.  Scott does a great job, especially in the men’s locker room.  He has a good attitude towards his job and is an excellent handy man.  However, my number one reason for still being a member is the steam room.  I LOVE THE STEAM ROOM!” he says.  

Anita and Roy are empty nesters.  Their daughter Alyse is a senior at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.  She has accepted a job as a Research & Development Engineer at Cook Medical in Bloomington, Indiana upon her graduation.  Their son Theo, is a Nuclear medicine Technician and is married to Stephanie, a registered nurse.  They both work at Washington University and recently had a baby named Andrew.  

Roy and Anita’s passion outside of the club is hanging out with their grandson and family.  They are also huge fans of Billiken basketball.  

The two of you are outstanding examples of a healthy couple who have made exercise a part of your lifestyle.  This is proven through the longevity of your memberships at the Sports Center. 

We are proud to have you as members.  We salute you!

Member of the Month

February members of the month

Mike & Marlene Pearson

March 2013 – Members of the Month

Mike & Marlene Pearson are our March Members of the Month.  

They joined the Sports Center 14 years ago to lose a few pounds and to stay in shape.  They also work together during the day and then say “good-bye, see you at the health club” when leaving work.  

Marlene comes in 3 to 4 times per week and does the cross trainer, bike and step classes.  She also likes to walk and has walked in several marathons.  Marlene says, “Even though I could use more time to get things done at home, I could never give up my workouts at the club.” 

Mike comes in 4 days per week and does the treadmill, recumbent bike, step class and lifts weights.  He also likes to run outside when it is nice.  He likes to mix things up to keep his workouts interesting.  “I thoroughly enjoy the club and members.”

As a couple, it is not unusual for them to eat dinner at 7:00 or 8:00 pm because they come to the club right after work.  Also, as a yearly anniversary gift to each other, they give their club membership.  Now that is true dedication!  Their anniversary is in March – so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

It is so great to have you as members and great examples of how to be a healthy, happy couple. 

We salute you!


Member of the Month

February members of the month

Vickie and Walter Ford

February 2013 – Members of the Month

Our February Members of the Month are husband and wife Sweethearts, Vickie and Walter Ford. 

Vickie has been a member for several years.  She joined because her doctor said she needed to exercise for her health.  She comes in 4 to 5 times each week and does 30 minutes on the bike, treadmill or elliptical.  She also lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  You will also see her bright and early in the morning doing the Extreme Body Blast classes!

Walter has also been a member for several years and comes in about 5 days each week.  He rides five miles on the bike and lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  He joined to work out with his wife and also to lose his belly so he could get in and out of his stock car easier and faster.  Mission accomplished!  Sometimes, he even rides his bike to work now.  

As a couple, Vickie and Walter like to ride motorcycles, go camping, stock car races and just being together with family and friends.  

Great job Vickie and Walter.  We are so glad to have you as members!


Member of the Month

January 2013 Members of the month

John Schwable and Addie Bruening

January 2013 – Members of the Month

January members of the month are father and daughter team Addie Bruening and John Schwable.

Addie has worked out her whole life.  Her previous employer had a company gym that she attended.  Then she was a member of the “Y”.  She has been a member of BHSC for a couple of years now and she enjoys doing Gay Lynn’s step class and her power cut class.  She sometimes does Theresa’s class too.

  In addition to the classes she also does 5k on either the treadmill or the cross training machines.  After her Dad’s medical episode, Addie talked with Raphael and he was instrumental in getting her father to join BHSC.

John’s story is very interesting. 

He was feeling just fine and had just pulled into his garage.  He was meeting up with his wife to go to the Shriner’s parade here in town.  He got out of his car and immediately broke out into a profuse sweat and became very dizzy.  He managed to get into the house and told his wife, “I’m not right!”  Then he proceeded to pass out.  His wife called an ambulance. Their son, who is a paramedic, met the ambulance at the hospital and was walking in with the gurney.  John was awake and explaining to his son what had happened when in mid sentence, he basically died.  His son jumped onto the gurney and started CPR, which saved his life!  When he came to, he finished his story exactly where he had left off. 

As it turned out, John had to have quintuple by-pass surgery.  He is doing very well now and he comes here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to do Nautilus.  He says, “It helps keep my fat levels down.” 

He also logs in six miles a day, seven days per week of walking.

We are glad to have both of you as members!  Keep up the good work!

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

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