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Member's of the Month
member of the month

Member's of the Month 

December 2012
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Martin "Bubba" Scott

Our December Member of the Month is Martin "Bubba" Scott

Martin (Bubba) Scott is our December Member of the Month.  Bubba is a well known character around the Sports Center Monday’s through Saturday’s.  He always has a joke, a comical comment or interesting story to share.

Bubba was introduced to the Sports Center 13 years ago after having Cardiac Bypass surgery.  During his first 10 years here, he lost 80 pounds and has been able to keep them off.  Bubba has a consistent routine that he follows.  In Bubba’s own words, “I come in and usually chat at the front desk a few minutes.  I go to the locker room and then head for the bike.  I ride for 30 minutes and then I sit at the desk in the Nautilus room and take confessions for a while.  After that, I do some Nautilus machines and finish with a shower.”   He says “The best part of the club is that the staff is very knowledgeable and always helpful.  They are always very upbeat and positive.  My advice to everyone is that if you need a drink of water make sure you are upstream from the herd.”

Bubba worked in the hospital pharmacy while in the military and when he got out he went to school to become a nurse.  He has some very interesting stories, so be sure to talk to him when you see him.

Thank you for being such a fun and loyal member.  

We all love having you here!


November 2012
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Jeri Iwasczuk

Our November Member of the Month is Jeri Iwasczuk

Jeri Iwasczuk is our November Member of the Month.  She has been a member of the Sports Center for 22 years.   She and her husband Steve joined when he retired and he is still a member here too!  

Jeri has had several bumps in her road to working out through the years.  She has dealt with MS for the last 40 years, is a breast cancer survivor two times, has a titanium rod in her back and last year, had knee replacement surgery.  A lot of people would have given up trying to work out, but not Jeri.  “I recommend this club and exercise to everybody.  I think because of the exercise, I’m still here!”  

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Jeri comes in to do the Sit-Sizzle-Sweat Chair class.  She also walks and does whatever Nautilus machine she is able to do that particular day.  

Jeri is still a very active member of the 55 Plus Club.  When the 55 Plus program was formed, Jeri was on the Planning Committee and served on that committee for many years.   
We truly enjoy having Jeri as a member of the Sports Center.  Even with all of her health issues, you will always see Jeri with a big smile on her face and a positive attitude.  She is truly an inspiration to all of us.  Keep up the great work!

Steve and Jeri Iwasczuk


October 2012
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Livi Isringhausen

Our October Member of the Month is Livi Isringhausen

In July of 2011, Livi was tired of feeling and looking bad, so she quit smoking and decided to join the Sports Center.  She comes in 3 – 4 times each week and will ride a bike or workout on an elliptical machine for 30 – 50 minutes.  She also started taking Power Pacing classes.  Livi does Cardio Boxing once a week and Body Blast class twice each week.  At the start and finish of the Body Blast session, they test the participants to see how well they have advanced.  During the last session, Livi received the highest score of 13.75 which breaks the previous record of 13.25!  She also runs or walks during her lunch break Monday through Friday.  

Her hard work has definitely paid off.  She has lost 65 pounds and says “I have more energy and confidence.  I’m in a completely better place now!  Everyone here has been so helpful and encouraging.  I’d like to say thanks.”.  

We are all so happy for you Livi.  Keep up the great work – stay happy and healthy!


September 2012
Member of the Month 

member of the month

Jake Renner

The September member of the month is Jake Renner

Jake joined the club when he was a freshman in high school, was 5' 1 0" and weighed 195 pounds. His goal was to lose weight and gain muscle. He worked out at the club regularly six days per week. He was successful and his weight got down to 160 pounds! 

He is just starting his senior year in high school, has grown to 6' 2" and weighs 190 pounds. 

His goal now is to maintain his weight and just fill out. When he graduates, he is looking to get into law enforcement. Jake's routine consists of running at least a mile, lifting weights to work his upper body and abs and jumping rope. 

Great job, Jake! Keep up the good work! We are happy to have you as a member!


August 2012
Members of the Month 

member of the month

Cindy Burnett and Morse Burnett

Our August Members of the Month are the father and daughter duo – Cindy Burnett and Morse Burnett.  

Morse joined the Sports Center before Cindy and participates in the Lively Lungs Program.  Despite the fact that he has to deal with COPD, he manages to come in three times each week.  He spends 20 – 30 minutes on the NuStep or treadmill and also lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  Over the past 6 months, he has lost 40 pounds and feels so much better.  He even had to purchase new clothes because the old were just too big!

Cindy used to bring her dad and then sit in the lobby and wait for him.  Unfortunately, she learned that she was diabetic and had to do something about it, so she joined too!  Now instead of sitting and waiting for her dad, she works out on the treadmill and also lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  Over the past 3 months, she has lost 35 pounds and feels so much better.  

Cindy and Morse really enjoy coming to the Sports Center because everyone is so friendly.  We certainly enjoy having them both here also. 

Congratulations on the weight loss and keep up the great work!


July 2012
Member of the Month

Bill Hightower

This month’s member spotlight is a family affair. They are Rich and Becky (Demond) Wittenauer,  Dave Demond (Becky’s brother), Ben Knysak (Becky & Dave’s Cousin), and Judie and John Kolb (Becky, Dave and Ben’s Aunt and Uncle).  We hope you got all of that!

Becky Wittenauer is a realtor and she does not have a set work schedule.  She comes in to work out about 3 times each week.  Her favorite thing to do is the stretch classes on Monday and Friday mornings.  She will also work out on the elliptical trainer for 30 – 40 minutes and lift weights in the Nautilus room once or twice each week.

Rich Wittenauer works out daily at the Police Station so he only gets to the Sports Center once a week.  When he does make it, he likes to use the stairmaster and will sometimes do the elliptical or treadmill.  He also enjoys free weight lifting.  Rich has been training for the FBI academy, which he will be attending soon.

Dave Demond lives in St. Louis, but works at Bank of Edwardsville in Belleville, so he gets here to work out early in the morning 5 to 7 days each week.  He lifts weights 3 times each week and also does the elliptical trainer for 30 – 35 minutes each day.  Dave also loves the steam room!

Ben Knysak comes in 3 – 4 times each week and does some form of cardiovascular exercise and also does Nautilus and free weights.  Ben makes it to the Sports Center regularly even though he has a hectic work schedule.  He travels a lot with work and still manages to run 2 miles when he is out of town.  Ben loves the morning crew.  “They always acknowledge me by name and are extremely friendly and helpful.”  Ben is married and has a baby daughter which also keeps him very busy!

Judie Kolb comes in 4 to 5 times each week and does 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill.  She also lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  Judy works at J & J Shear Madness.

John Kolb also works out 4 to 5 times each week and does 45 minutes on the elliptical.  He also likes to lift weights in the Nautilus room.  John owns Mud Duck Salvage.  John and Judie are parents of two boys who are also active with them.

We love to see families work out together and this is one awesome and fit family.  

Thank you all for being such loyal members and keep up the great work!


June 2012
Member of the Month 

Bill Hightower

Bill Hightower

Bill Hightower is the June member of the month! 

Bill is an avid racquetball player and has played for the last 35 years.  Eleven of those years have been at Belleville Health & Sports Center.  Bill is on the Thursday night league and will usually play a pick-up game on Tuesday’s.   He also enjoys lifting weights and has a routine of floor exercises that keeps him in shape.  Twice a week, Bill and his wife Bea, ride the power pacing bikes for an hour.

Approximately three years ago, Bill had some health issues.  It took a while to figure out what was wrong, but he eventually had stents put in.  After that procedure, he started to feel good again and got back into his exercise routine.
“I love the atmosphere at the club!  Everyone is so upbeat and helpful compared to other places I’ve belonged.”

We love your energy and look forward to seeing you at the Sports Center for many years to come.  Great job Bill!


May 2012
Member of the Month

May  Member of the month

Carol Miller

Carol Miller is our May Member of the Month.

She is 70 years young and has been a member since 1997.  If the weather permits, she walks ¾ mile to and from the health club five days each week.  When she arrives at the Sports Center, she walks on the incline trainer and every other day she lifts weights in the Nautilus room.  Carol is a very healthy eater and loves to eat oatmeal and lots of fruits and vegetables.  

Carol and husband Ron love to travel.  They take four to six trips each year and they stay in shape by hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling.  Carol’s favorite places to scuba dive are Cancun, Bonaire, Aruba, Cozumel and Micronesia.  The best snorkeling was in Hanama Bay on Oahu.  She has also climbed the unimproved section of the Great Wall in China.  It was made up of rickety wooden stairs, mud and rock.  Carol has also climbed Machu Pichu in Tibet.  The Patola Palace had a total of 900 steps.  Hiking the Patagonia in Argentina was a challenge with the winds blowing at 60 MPH.  In Morocco, she climbed sand dunes.  Carol also loved zip-lining in Costa Rica and Maui.  

Some of Carols other travels include going to England, Scotland, Germany, Paris, France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Turkey, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.  If you ever need advice as to where to travel, check with Carol. 

Carol is an amazingly fit and loyal member.  We are so glad to have her working out at the Sports Center and look forward to hearing about her upcoming travels.  Thank you Carol!

April 2012
Member of the Month

March Members of the month

David Padgett

David Padgett is our April Member of the Month. 

His weight loss journey started because his cholesterol was too high and he knew he needed to make changes, so he challenged his brother and brother-in-law to see who could lose the most weight. Their Biggest Loser challenge started January 1st and ends April 8th. 

After researching the internet, Dave found a twelve week weight lifting program to follow. The program gave guidelines on portion sizes for proteins and carbohydrates. It also recommended he eat every three hours.

Dave’s starting weight was 250 pounds. At the eleven week mark of his program, he weighed in at 202 pounds which exceeded his original goal of 210 pounds. (The final weigh in is coming up soon and we will have the final updated results.)

Dave’s workout routine is weight lifting four days per week and he tries to keep it under an hour. On the other three days, he does 20 – 30 minutes of moderate cardio which includes walking his dog or stair climbing. 
Every Sunday, Dave prepares his food for the week. “This way I have no excuses for not eating healthy!” 

Way to go Dave! We can’t wait for the final results on April 8th. Keep up the great work. 

March 2012
Members of the Month

March Members of the month

David, Laurie and Madelon

Our March Members of the Month span three generations of a family; David Schneider, his mother, Laurie Baltz and her mother, Madelon Genin. 

David has been a member since 2009 and comes in 3 – 4 days each week.  He likes to do 30 minutes on an elliptical machine and spends an hour in the free weight room.  David also “personal trains” his mom and is very proud of her.

Laurie has had two hand surgeries and dealt with a bout of cancer and she has still continued her workouts.  He is amazed at how strong she has become.  Laurie has been a member since 2005 and has lost 30 pounds recently with the help of her son.  She tries to come in 3 days each week and does power pacing or something in the cardiovascular room.  She also enjoys TRX and free weights.  Laurie is very excited that she can dead lift 180 pounds.  When she has trouble getting to the gym, she will put in a P90X workout video to keep her on track. 

Madelon has been a member since 2008 and tries to get in twice a week to walk on the treadmill for an hour.  She also enjoys lifting weights in the Nautilus room.  When she can’t get to the gym, she does walking videos at home. 

Congratulations to the three of you for finding ways to stay healthy even though life gets extremely busy.  We salute you!

February 2012
Member of the Month

Happy Valentines Day

Picture Pending
Bonnie and Jim Jones

Our February “Sweetheart” Members of the Month are Jim and Bonnie Jones.  

They have been our loyal members for almost eleven years and we feel like they are also our employees.  They arrive at the Sports Center at 5:00AM Monday through Friday to walk into the facility with our employee.  They will grab the newspaper in the yard, walk into the dark, empty building and proceed downstairs to turn lights on, turn the TV’s on and unlock the back door.  Our opening front desk employees love having them here each morning to help them feel safe and secure.  

Jim and Bonnie have a regular workout routine which starts with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise followed by weight lifting.  After weight lifting, Bonnie will take time to stretch and Jim will head to the free weight room to lift a few more weights.

You are a wonderful example of how to stay fit, happy and healthy together.

Thank you for all that you do at the Sports Center and we wish you both a Happy Valentines Day!

January 2012
Member of the Month

January 2012 Members of the month

January 2012 – Members of the Month

There was a baby boom in our Child Care Center this past year!  These five moms are amazing and are already in shape after the birth of their sons.  

Picture Pending
Gwen Phillips and Lindsay Costello

Gwen Phillips has been a member for three years and is mom to Colton, 9 months old, and Olin, who is 2 ½. She comes in at least three times each week and loves to do bike classes, Pilates classes and personal trains one time each week with certified trainer, Raphael Jones.  Gwen will also spend time in the cardiovascular room working out on the elliptical trainer.

Lindsay Costello has been a member for two years, and her baby boy, J.P., is 8 months old.  She comes in to work out four days each week.  Lindsay loves to do bike, Pilates and TRX classes, and one day she personal trains for one hour with certified trainer, Jessi Hustedde.  She will also spend time in the cardiovascular room on the elliptical trainer. 

Picture Pending
Bridget Lybarger

Bridget Lybarger has been a member for two years also and her youngest child, Cloice III, is 6 months old.  She is also the mother of 6 year old Stella and 13 year old Alexis.  Bridget comes in five days every week and loves to do some form of cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.  She also takes Pilates class one time each week.  Bridget is a busy mom who is also a chiropractor who specializes in acupuncture. 

Picture Pending
Ashley Weir and Annie Sauget

Ashley Weir has been a member for one year and she is mom to Finley, 5 months old, George, 2 years old and Ava, who is 6 years old.  She comes in 5 days each week and does an hour of cardiovascular exercise each day.  She enjoys bike classes, Power Cut classes, the elliptical trainer, treadmill and lifts weights four of the five days.  On the sixth day of the week, she loves to run outside. 

Annie Sauget has been a member for 2 ½ years and is mom to Seamus,  2 months old, and older brother, Tiernan, who is 2 years old.  She comes in three days each week and always does cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting and takes Pilates class one of the days.  Annie grew up at the Sports Center.  Her father built Belleville Health & Sports Center, formerly Sauget Racquetball club, and she spent a lot of time in the nursery at the club.  She even met her best friend here and they are still best friends today. 

These women accept no excuses.  They are busy moms who always find time to work out.  You are all amazing mothers and we salute you as our January Members of the Month.  Keep up the great work! 


Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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