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December 2011
Member of the Month

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Linda Herrmann is our December Member of the Month.

She has been a loyal member for over 12 years now, but has always been dedicated to exercising daily most of her adult life.  She comes in six to seven times each week and does it all!  She loves working out on the crosstrainer and catching up with friends and the newspaper every day.  Her other activities include Reformer Pilates, TRX, step classes, power pacing classes, Hi/Lo aerobic classes and the aerobic play class.  She also loves to walk and just completed a week long hiking trip in the northeast this past fall.  Her motto is:  “I need all the endorphins I can get!” 

Linda has lost about 20 pounds over the last two years just through diet and exercise.  Years ago, she suffered from anorexia and exercise is what saved her.  She never wants to be in that situation again, so she continues her exercise program and loves working out at Belleville Health & Sports Center. 

Linda, husband Michael and 2 of her 5 children also work out at the Sports Center and she says she will never leave here. 

We love having Linda and the rest of the Herrmann family at the Sports Center. 

You are a faithful and loyal member Linda and we salute you!


November 2011
Member of the Month


Patrick Hume
Riley Owens III
Harold Bement
Robert McKinley
Bill Hightower
Dan Hoffarth
Jim Ferry
Carl Pinkston
Russell Ziegler
Bill Mayer
Ted Ellicott
Roger Houk
Virl Williams
Jim McCloskey
Art Hock
Tom Carrico
John Carpenter


Salute Veterans

Tom English
Jim Wade
Martin Scott
Chuck Jones
Dale Vandiver
Joe Sandy
Steve Iwasczuk
Terrence Tyrrell
Herman Koester
Axel Anderson
Krista Hinds
John English
Rudy Schwartz
Don Lienesch
Rosalind Stevens


Thank You


Please check the member bulletin board in our downstairs hallway for pictures and their stories!
 Thank you all for your incredible service!

October 2011
Member of the Month

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Ellen Wilson

Our Spotlighted Member of the Month is Ellen Wilson.  She is 91 years young and has been a member of the Sports Center for 11 years.  She first joined at the age of 80, but has worked out her entire life!

 You will see Ellen working out Monday through Friday.  She enjoys the Zumba class and all of the 55Plus aerobic classes.  Ellen also walks two miles on the treadmill each day she comes in.  You will also see Ellen at most of the 55Plus bus trips and luncheons. 

Ellen says she really enjoys our facility.  “Everyone here is so friendly!  I feel like it is home.”

You are living proof that exercise truly is the Fountain of Youth and you are an inspiration to every member.  We adore your wit and humor and we look forward to seeing you here for many years to come!



September 2011
Member of the Month

Lee Rujawitz

Lee Rujawitz

Lee Rujawitz is our September Member of the Month.  Lee has been a member for the past 17 years and initially joined to try to keep himself in shape. 

Lee comes in four to five times a week and has become the unofficial 4:00PM Social Director.  During the fall and winter, he does 20 – 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical and in the summer, he runs outside.  Lee also likes to lift weights in the free weight room and the nautilus room.  One day he will do chest and triceps, the next day, he will do back and biceps and the following day, he will do legs and abs.  He also likes to do the Power Cut class and recruits as many members as he can to join the class. 

Lee has overcome herniated disks in his back by following a regular routine of stretching his hamstrings, hips and lower back. 

Lee, you are fun to be around and we look forward to having you as a member for many more years to come!


August 2011
Member's of the Month

August 2011 Fitness center

Maura Bauman, Betty Vandewater, and Michael Bauman
Three Generations of Loyal BHSC Members!

Betty Vandewater and her daughter, Maura Bauman have been members of the Sports Center for 21 years.   Michael has been coming just as long and started working out as soon as he turned 13 and was allowed to go in the workout areas. 

Betty is the mother of Clare, Jay, Chris, Maura, Todd and Beth.  She has always taken the time to come and workout three times each week and enjoys participating in the 55Plus Aerobic classes, the Zumba Gold class and walks at least a mile while she is at the Sports Center.  Betty loves to go shopping, playing Bridge with friends, loves to knit and do various crafts and also takes time to be active in her Women’s Club.   

 Maura started taking classes that the Sports Center offered when she was pregnant with her second child, Michael, who is our third generation August Member of the Month.  Shortly after his birth, she started bringing Michael and older brother, John, to the nursery while she exercised.  Maura comes in three times each week and enjoys the cross trainers, stationary bikes, Nautilus weight lifting, Power Pacing Classes and talking to other members!  She also loves to garden, go shopping and trying new restaurants.   

Michael is a senior at the University of Tulsa, majoring in finance, and is home for the summer.  He comes in to work out three times each week and loves to lift weights and do a variety of cardiovascular machines.  Michael loves to go hunting and has hunted antelope, wild boar and pheasant.  He also enjoys clay shooting. 

It is clear that being healthy is a family affair and a way of life for all three.  You brighten our day and inspire us all.

Thank you for being such incredible members!

Member of the Month

Linda Heffernan

Linda Heffernan

Linda Heffernan is our July Member of the Month!

Linda has been a member of the Sports Center for 20 years and even worked in the Child Care Center when she first joined.  She has been coming so long, that her children are now members and her grandson comes to the Child Care Center, where she used to work. 

Linda works out six to seven times per week and has even organized a group of 8 – 10 women who work out together.  They are unofficially called “The Get Fit Club”.   Sunday is fun day and whatever they choose to do has to be fun; like playing badminton.  On Monday’s and Tuesday’s, they take the 5:30PM Cardio Mix class and Wednesday is their open gym day where they each pick a different cardiovascular machine to mix up their routine a bit.  Thursday evening is Zumba night.  They have done TRX classes, bike classes, step classes and they are now looking forward to the new Extreme Body Blast class.  She also does weight lifting in the Nautilus room and sometimes even comes in to run with her son.  At age 50, she just completed her first 5K run and is looking forward to doing it again. 

Linda connects with her club via Facebook and is always sending out encouraging words to her friends to work out.  She has such a great attitude about fitness and it is contagious when you are around her.  Linda is the BHSC “dream come true member”. 

Thanks for being such an inspiration to everyone around you!

Member of the Month

Kiwan Guyton

Kiwan Guyton

Kiwan Guyton is our June Member of the Month. 

He has been a member of the Sports Center for 11 years and comes in at least five days per week to work out. 

When he lifts weights, Kiwan does arms one day, the next he does his legs, then chest, back and shoulders.  He used to only lift weights here until he was introduced to the Power Pacing classes in February 2010. 

He has added two bike classes each week to his schedule and has lost 35 pounds over the past year!

It is great having Kiwan at the Sports Center.  He is always kind to everyone and is a lot of fun to be around.

Thanks Kiwan for being such a great member!


Member of the Month

May 2011 BHSC member of month
Pat Matysik

Our May Member of the Month is Pat Matysik.  She has been working out at this facility since 1980 when it was just a racquetball club. 

Pat is a teacher who was in the habit of gaining 20 pounds during the school year and then loses it over the summer break.  At one point in her life, the pattern changed, and she quit losing the weight over the summer.  That is when she decided to join the Project Trim weight loss group through Memorial Hospital.  She lost 50 pounds and has kept it off.  She also learned that she could eat pretty much anything she wanted and could maintain her weight, as long as she worked out. 

John Miller was working Nautilus at that time and was the first person to introduce her to weight lifting machines.  At that time, he would not even let her do the Gravitron because he felt she wasn’t able to do it.  After lifting weights for two months, Pat gained a lot of strength.  “John still corrects me if he sees me lifting weights too fast.”

Pat comes in 5 – 6 days per week between the hours of 8:00PM and 10:00PM.  Three of those days she does Nautilus and every day she walks on the treadmill    2 ½ - 4 miles.  She has tried Pilates and would like to incorporate it in her routine at some point, but she does plan to start doing Yoga this summer. 

She has been a member for so long that her students know where they can find her in the evening.  She has seen many of her students now working out as adults and she was even seen leading a study group of her current students while she was walking on the treadmill one evening. 

“If I get an injury, I go to Joyce Bevirt for a massage she puts me back together.   All the employees here are just wonderful!  You want your child’s teacher to care about your child’s progress.  Well, you want the same from your health club.  Everyone here is so helpful and caring.”

Thank you Pat for being such a great example to all!


Member's of the Month

April BHSC member of month

April Sprot Center Members of month

This month’s Member Spotlight is a group of gals who have been working out  for 30+ years. 

Mary Fagan, Pat Gardner, Rosanne Mathis
and sisters
Cecelia StruckhoffClaire Goelz  and Toni Goelz.

These ladies were together when aerobics first started.  We wore tights, leotards, leg warmers and headbands. 

Think Olivia Newton-John and her song, “Physical”.  Back then we started with 15 minute classes!  Then progressed to 30 minutes.  We did partner exercises with little diddys that went something like…”hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie, this is why we have fat thighs!” 

I am sure they have more funny stories, so be sure to ask them when you see them around.

Mary Fagan, at age 84 loves to dance and do the 55+ aerobic classes.  Unfortunately she has had some medical problems and hasn’t been able to participate much lately.

Pat Gardner comes in 5 days a week and does Step, Hi/Lo, Circuit, Power Cut, TRX and Pilates.  Companionship is what keeps her coming!

Rosanne Mathis also comes 5 times a week.  She does Pilates, TRX, Power Pacing, Power Cut, Circuit, walks the track and the cross trainer.

Cecelia Struckhoff comes 4-5 days a week and mainly does cardio workouts.  The treadmill, bike or cross trainer for 45 minutes to an hour and then does the Nautilus machines.  She recently started YOGA.  When the weather gets nice, she enjoys running outdoors.

Toni Goelz can only gets here on the weekends and does the treadmill for 45 minutes but is dedicated to exercise!

Clare Goelz comes at least 5 days a week.  She does Pilates, Yoga, Nautilus, the cross trainer and the bike.

You ladies are an inspiration!  Here’s to another 30 years!


Member's of the Month

March 2011 member of the month
Pictures Pending

This month we have a group of guys who have been playing racquetball here at BHSC since it was called "The Racquetball Club" in the mid seventies.  They are Darrell Reiker, Ed Johnson, Terry Harp, Jim McEvilly, John English and Tom English.

Darrell Reiker first started playing in 1974.  At age 65, he plays 2-3 days a week, does weight training and the elliptical machine.

Ed Johnson started playing in 1976.  At age 61 he plays 4 days a week.  Presently, he has a sponsorship with Wilson Sports Equipment for his tournament play.  Currently he is the #1 player in the St. Louis area for his age group.  He has been consistently sponsored over the last 20 years by either Wilson or Head.

Jim McEvilly started playing in the late 60's when they played with wooden racquets.  At age 63, he has backed off the racquetball due to a knee injury.  Instead he does cardio, weights and has done Pilates.

Tom English started playing in 1973.  He plays 3-4 days a week as well as cardio and weight training.

Terry Harp started playing in 1977.  At age 53, he only has time to play once a week.  He also uses the treadmill and does weight training.

John English has been playing since 1971.  He plays 1-2 times a week, runs, uses the stairmaster, lifts weights and bikes.

These guys have been exercising and having fun in this building for 35 years!  You are amazing, thank you for being such great members!

Member's of the Month

February 2011 member of the month
Irene and Bill Dixon

February is sweetheart month, so we have decided to spotlight two very special and health conscious couples.

Irene and Bill Dixon joined the Sports Center 20 years ago.  They dated the first 10 years of their membership and then decided to tie the knot and have been married now for 10 years.

Bill and Irene come in together 3 -4 times each week.  Bill plays hand ball, does free weights, the crosstrainer and the bike class while Irene enjoys aerobic classes, TRX, free weights, the crosstrainer, running and bike class.  Irene feels the buddy system works the best.  She also has friends, an aunt and her father who come to the Sports Center. 

We say “the couple who plays together and even exercises together, stays together”.  Congratulations Bill and Irene!

Our second couple has been married 52 years – Faye and Virl Williams.  They have been members for 13 years.  Virl and Faye joined shortly after Virl had a heart attack.  He was in the hospital for 28 days and 11 of those days were spent in the ICU.  You would never know it to look at him now! 

Faye & Virl come in 3 – 4 days each week and Fay enjoys walking, doing the Nautilus machines,  and  taking the chair class.  Virl walks, does the Nautilus machines, takes stretch classes, chair classes and has even does TRX.  They are very active members of our 55 Plus group.  Virl and Faye are always recruiting people to join in the 55 Plus activities and classes.  You are both an inspiration to all of us!

We salute both of our couples this month for being outstanding examples of couples who exercise together.

Happy Heart Health month to you all!


January 2011
Member of the Month

January 2011 member of the month

Willie Stevison is our January Member in the Spotlight.  Willie joined Belleville Health & Sports Center in 2007 to lose the weight he gained after having knee surgery.  The weight gain had caused his breathing to be abnormal and he knew he had to do something to correct the problem. He actually joined another gym before coming to the Sports Center, but did not like it.  He said, “People spent more time on the machines talking than working out.  It would take me an extra hour to get my work out done.” 
Since joining Belleville Health & Sports, Willie has lost 31 pounds.  “When I workout here, I get it done and I feel like I’ve done a real days work.  I feel good.” 

Willie comes in three days per week and does two sets of 30 repetitions on the Nautilus machines and free weights.  He also walks 1 ½ miles on the track.  At home, Willie also rides his stationary bike for 15 – 20 daily and adds 90 – 320 push-ups on the weekends!  Not too shabby for a 69 year young man.

Keep smiling Willie.  You are an awesome member!

Virl Williams - Swanson Award Winner

Virl Williams

Swanson Award Winner 
Top 10 Nationwide!

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