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Does BHSC offer Pilates?
For over 14 years, Belleville Health and Sports Center has offered Pilates, an alternative to typical strength training regimes. Traditionally strength-training methods like free weights and Nautilus machines isolate muscle groups. Pilates, however, works to develop control and balance in the body by utilizing a broader group of muscles and proper execution of each exercise.

Do you offer Personal Training?
The Personal Training Program provides physical conditioning if you need or desire a properly-balanced exercise program with the help of a personal trainer.
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What is a Personal Trainer?
A personal trainer tailors your workout to meet your specific needs and desires. Trainers use their knowledge of exercise science, your current fitness level and goals, training principles, and personal experience to design an exercise program that is safe, efficient and effective.

What are the Personal Trainer's Qualifications?
Personal trainers at Belleville Health and Sports Center are nationally-certified, have practical experience and receive continuing education on a regular basis.

What can a Personal Trainer Do For Me?
A personal trainer will help you develop a balanced exercise program that fits your specific needs, goals, lifestyle and limitations. In designing the program, the personal trainer will consider the basic components of fitness: ...Muscular Strength and Endurance ...Cardiovascular Endurance ...Flexibility ...Body Composition ...The personal trainer will assist you with weight control, better posture, greater endurance for daily and athletic activities and help reduce the risk of injuries.

When Can I Train?
FYou and your personal trainer will schedule sessions during regular club hours. Training sessions are usually one hour in length at a rate of $50 per hour (packages available). Payment is due before each training session.

Do you offer Massage Therapy?
Touch is like food, a basic nutrient for survival, so basic that babies deprived of it die. Our culture provides few chances for nurturing contact. One of the prime benefits of massage is safe, nurturing touch.

What can I expect from Massage Therapy?
On your first visit you'll need to give your therapist accurate health information. After your therapist leaves the room, you'll undress in private and lie down on a comfortably padded table, covering yourself with the sheet provided. (Underwear is left on or off at your discretion.) Only the part of the body being worked on will be uncovered and your modesty will be respected. You can expect to have a peaceful environment for your massage. You should always report any discomfort to your therapist whether it be room temperature, music volume or too much pressure. For the period of time agreed upon, the massage therapist will massage your limbs, back, shoulders, hands, feet and face using a light lubricant. He or she will pay particular attention to any areas of tightness you have pointed out or that are discovered during the massage. Talking is unnecessary and quiet enhances the relaxation response; but feel free to express any concerns or ask any questions you may have. The massage therapists at Belleville Health and Sports Center have been thoroughly trained in anatomy and physiology as well as in a variety of massage and relaxation techniques. All are Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork and are required to pursue continuing education.

Are you open on Sunday?
Yes, please see our hours page for the schedule.